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Disney D23 Gold Membership Gift Preview for 2015 – Disneyland Pitch Portfolio

Hi everyone!

We have had a Disney D23 Gold Membership in our household ever since the Official Disney Fan Club debuted. For us, it has been worth it just to receive Disney Twenty-Three Magazine, and for other perks that include discounts and special event access. Each year, there is a special member gift that is sent to all Gold members, and we look forward to that as well. The gift for 2015 is a beautiful Disneyland pitch portfolio reproduction, and we received an early preview of it.

In the video below, Disney Legend and Chief Archivist Emeritus Dave Smith talks about how Walt Disney needed money to build Disneyland, and asked Disney artists to come up with drawings of the proposed park and attractions to pitch to companies for partnership. The actual pitch portfolio is shown in the video, along with the Disney D23 Gold gift. The Director of the Walt Disney Archives, Becky Cline, goes into more detail about the gift itself and how they tried to make it very similar to the original. There are 22 pages, with 37 pieces of art. Some Disney D23 members will even get an original autograph from Dave Smith himself. Below the video are some photos we took of the gift we received!

Here are a handful of photos to give you an idea of the artwork in the gift. It really is something special to receive as part of our membership! I always find it interesting how closely the original ideas of many attractions and the park itself were to the eventual reality.
The original artwork was from Peter Ellenshaw, Herb Ryman, Harper Goff, and other artists who are known so well known by Disney fans. Information abut the portfolio is found on this card inside by Dave Smith.
We continue to enjoy our Disney D23 Gold Membership, we find tremendous value in it. It really is a gift that keeps on giving all year round for Disney fans.