Denise's Corner

Iconic Magic Kingdom Rose Garden Closes to Make Way for Hub Expansion

Hi everyone –

I was hoping to get one more stroll through my favorite area of the Magic Kingdom before it closed for hub expansion, but I missed it by a day or two. The iconic Rose Garden at the Magic Kingdom is now gone. That doesn’t mean roses won’t be back, I don’t know what flowers might be planted. But it won’t look the same as it has for the past 35 years.

The signs for the Rose Garden are now gone.

The All-America Rose Selection (AARS) signage was still up yesterday.

This was the view yesterday of what used to be the Rose Garden. I am glad I discovered this year what a wonderful location it was for photographing perimeter fireworks, so I have those photos to enjoy. A visit to the Magic Kingdom was never complete without a walk through the Rose Garden.

This is a look at the concept art for the whole hub expansion. The opened areas are extremly nice. I really wish the Rose Garden could have been kept as it was, but I hope the area will still be beautiful.

This is our video from yesterday.

Here are a couple of photos from about 2 weeks ago, when the Rose Garden was open.

Disney has been adding flowers throughout the newly opened sections of the hub, and they do look lovely. But I do hope we see roses again in the future as well.

The East side of the Magic Kingdom hub opened over a week ago, and we were there as the ropes were dropped. This is our video! We enjoyed FP+ here last night for Wishes, and I will be writing up an article on that tomorrow.

What do you think of the Rose Garden closure?