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Disney’s Grand Floridian 2015 Chocolate Easter Egg Display Debuts; Includes Cinderella Carriage, Elsa, Hercules & Meg

Hi everyone!

The 4th Annual Chocolate Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is now out for guests to smell and see! Each of these magnificent creations begins as a hollow egg 16-20 inches tall and 9-12 pounds. But with a little magic (and the skilled hands and artistry of the bakery team), they become works of art for guests to enjoy around the Easter holiday. Executive Pastry Chef Erich Herbitschek leads his team not only in designing Easter eggs, but crafting the iconic Gingerbread House – oh, and the team also designs wedding cakes for guests on property! We have covered this display for all 4 years. After reading our article, take a look at the 2014 eggs.

It was a perfect day to visit Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. All of the chocolate eggs are located within the lobby, although in six locations instead of just the entrance.

Signs give information about the display, which will continue until April 10th, 2015. Last year, the resort extended the time for the display, which had previously been about 2 weeks (now it is about 3).

This is the first egg display that can be found in the lobby. I’m mixed on whether I like all the eggs in one area or scattered throughout as they are now. This location gets more crowded now with fewer guests, since maybe 1/3 of the eggs are located here. Plus, the decorated backs of some eggs can’t be seen in other locations (we are hoping the resort will add turntables in the future if locating the eggs in various areas).

Before we talk about each egg, here is our video of the display!

This is one of the most popular of the new eggs. There are some eggs that have made return appearances, though most are new. Cinderella’s Carriage is beautifully detailed.

Next year, The Great Mouse Detective turns 30! It is hard to believe. Professor Ratigan is one of the characters on the egg.

The Great Mouse Detective is in between Rapunzel and the Toy Story egg.

It is nice to see a classic film that isn’t recognized as much anymore get an egg.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are back again this year.

This is the other side of the Tangled egg.

This Toy Story egg is new this year, and includes Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.

Each of these characters is molded.

Green martians.

Lady and the Tramp is also a returning favorite.

Look at the bowl of spaghetti underneath the egg!

A few years back, there was a gorgeous lamb sitting on top of an egg. I believe this is the second year for these two pups, with lifelike folds of skin.

He looks so real, sleeping in the blanket.

This is a look from the back of the two puppies.

Tinker Bell is new this year, sitting on a purple egg.

Here is a close-up look at Tink. Peter Pan is across the room, and we will see him soon.

The wings of Tinker Bell can be seen behind her.

This egg celebrates some of the most famous Disney dogs.

101 Dalmations is a big part of the egg.

Bolt and Lady & The Tramp are also on here.

Steampunk egg.

Ariel is “under the sea” in this egg.

A lineup of eggs from the side.

This is the focal point of the lobby right now. If you’ve ever been to the Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, you’ll recognize this as a replica of the whimsical fountain with two of the frolicking penguins. We have an article from the Villas opening day that includes it.

This penguin pours tea.

The real fountain is beautiful, and this chocolate creation captures it perfectly.

Here is a look at the same penguin from the real fountain of the Villas lobby.

This is chocolate again.

The color of the figures here does closely resemble the fountain pieces.

I mentioned that these are like works of art, and they really are – and some eggs won’t be seen again in the future, but others will be back.

So much work went into just designing this pineapple.

Cups and saucers at the bottom.

Two displays flank the lobby on either side of the fountain.

Peter Pan is new this year.

Most guests will not realize that there is something on the back of this egg. It can be seen from the seating area for children.

Merida is back on this Brave egg.

The entire egg tells a story. This also cannot be seen in entirety very easily.

A Beauty and the Beast egg holds a single rose.

But the more ornate part of the egg is on the back. It also can be seen from that seating area (although not the whole enscription).

This egg was hard to see at first, but it is Hercules and Meg. Ornate leaves have been designed, and an “H” is at the top.

Hercules and Meg.

Not every egg has characters, some are just beautiful. I believe this is the second year for this one.

Cinderella is in the middle.

Pumpkins decorate the top and the bottom, and Cinderella’s slipper is inside.

Frozen’s Elsa is back for a second year.

A crown tops the egg, and there is at least one hidden Mickey found here in the jewels.

Another ornate egg.

The animal eggs are some of my favorites. This peacock looks so real, with the two different kinds of feathers.

This egg is highly textured.

We were told that this egg was painted from a book. I don’t know what the story is.

The Sleeping Beauty egg is back again, but a little higher up and not all is easily visible. We have better photos in our article from last year because we could see all sides.

Prince Phillip on his horse.

The Fairy Godmothers.

Here is our video of the 2014 display.

We always enjoy the different displays at the resorts.

Will you be out to see the Grand Floridian Chocolate Easter Egg Display this year?