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Epcot Egg-Stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt Kicks Off for 2015: More Fun Than Ever (Spoiler-Free)

Hi everyone!

Today was the first day of the annual Disney Egg-Stravanganza at Epcot! We won’t have any spoilers in the photos, but our video gives a full look at where the eggs are. If I get enough requests, I can add some spoiler photos at the end of the article – otherwise I may wait until Easter and show them all.

There are several shops at Epcot where guests can purchase a map with stickers. There is only one Redemption Location, and that is at the Port of Entry to the right side at the entrance to World Showcase. The cost is $4.95 plus tax. I recommend arriving early in the day, before too many other guests are playing. Even today, starting before World Showcase opened, guests were shouting and pointing to eggs they found.

Disney Egg-Stravaganza Redemption Location.

We saw the prize choices before we started. Mr. Toad was the one we were interested in, but we were told that Tinker Bell was the most popular today. There is no guarantee how long each specific prize egg will be available, it depends on what is most popular. Last year we brought home Mickey, but he isn’t here this year.

This is our map before the hunt started. I am not showing the finished version, because that would be a little bit of a spoiler too. Jeff said that all the characters are in the same countries as last year.

The eggs are better hidden this year, not always visible from the World Showcase walkway. There may be an egg here that you can’t see.

I took photos of all the eggs, but I can show Figment without spoiling. Figment has a great background when this photo is pulled back.

Jeff put together a terrific video that has spoilers galore. We were trying to beat the rain today (we did), and actually had quite a sunny day for most of the hunt.

We brought our Mr. Toad to England, with Peter Pan in the background.

Guests who want a little extra fun can choose their egg prize from under these eggs. But if the prize isn’t what they want, they can switch it for whatever is available.

We had a great time today, we always enjoy the egg hunts! The last day for the Disney Egg-Stravaganza is April 5th, and the last day for redemption is April 30th (I wouldn’t expect much available then).