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Kiki Tikis Splash Play Opens at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort: Photos & Video of New Water Play Area

Hi everyone!

The new water play area at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has opened next to the Lava Pool! Kiki Tikis Splash Play is a water playground for children 48 inches and under that includes two slides and plenty of water fun.

We were told that the hours for Kiki Tikis Splash Play will coincide with the pool hours. Last night, the water play area closed at dusk due to lighting issues.

Kiki Tikis Splash Play is not only nicely themed, but is more elaborate than most water playgrounds.

Here is our video, and then check out the rest of our photos!

A bucket gets ready to pour water on guests below.

The area is for enjoyment of children under 48 inches. While it says no lifeguard on duty, there was always at least one lifeguard on or around Kiki Tikis yesterday.

There are several jovial tikis spitting and spouting water.

A lifeguard walks under the structure.

This will be a very popular summer location for kids!

The water was turned off at around dusk yesterday as mentioned above.

This slide looks like a lot of fun.

The sun falls on Kiki Tikis Splash Play for the night.

We also stopped by Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace, which includes plenty of tikis to look at. If you’d like to see coverage of the inside of Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, you can find that here.

I believe this tiki is named Uti, next to Jeff.

This waterfall wasn’t working the last time we were here.

Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace wasn’t yet open.

More tikis!


The Barefoot Pool Bar is both inside and outside the gated pool.

When Trader Sam’s opened, we went back on the recommendation of our bar server from inside. There is a Spikey Pineapple drink that includes a blend of Pineapple Softserve and rum. I liked this much better than the other variation where rum is poured inside a cup with Dole Whip.

Here is the Spikey Pineapple. It is a nicely sized drink, we shared it on the terrace.

This is our video of the Lava Pool from last week.

What do you think of Kiki Tikis Splash Play?