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Joy and Sadness from “Inside Out” Make Surprise Appearance at Disney Parks Blog Event for Meet & Greet: Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Joy and Sadness from Inside Out made a surprise appearance at Walt Disney World yesterday for the Disney Parks Blog movie event. All guests attending the screening could meet the characters – it was a very quick meet and greet, but we were able to get a few pics and a very short video (which helped us get screen shots for additional photos). Both characters were fantastic, and Sadness seemed like she’d just stepped out of the film. We’ve heard that there are no plans for a meet and greet in the parks, but I hope that changes. They would be very popular! The film debuts on June 19th.

We will have a review later this week of Inside Out, along with an article and an audio clip from the Hollywood press conference. While the movie itself isn’t my top Pixar film (that would be Ratatouille), I just really enjoy many of the characters. Here is a short video of Joy and Sadness, and then some photos below. I expect quite a few Joy and Sadness costumes at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year!

Sadness looks so sad.

Joy has a perpetual smile.

Joy and Sadness make a great combination for a meet and greet (Anger would be my other main character of interest to meet).

Each guest yesterday had a photo opportunity. I look like I was color coordinating with Sadness!

This is a true look of Sadness.

We hope this wasn’t our only chance to meet them at Walt Disney World.

This was our first view upon meeting them. I was asked on our Instagram account if Joy’s dress is green or yellow – it is really a combination of each, like mixing lime and lemon.

Here is a look at 5 main characters in a sign at the Downtown Disney AMC movie theater.

I expect this photo op will be in the theaters for a while. This is all we expected to take photos of/with at the screening – meeting Joy and Sadness was a huge bonus!

I recommend seeing Inside Out when it debuts next weekend! Here is our interview with Phyllis Smith (the voice of Sadness) from 2013. We knew pretty much nothing about the film yet, watching tweets coming from the main hall of the D23 Expo where movies were being announced as we waited for interviews on the red carpet.