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Starbucks Opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park with Newest “You Are Here” Mug

Hi everyone!

We have been traveling a lot over the past month, and were glad to finally get back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Not only has Harambe Market opened since the last time we visited, but both Zuri’s Sweets Shop and Starbucks are now both open. We will be talking about all of these in separate articles, beginning with the Starbucks located in the Creature Comforts building. This used to be a store, and I think a MyMagic+ Service Center for a while too.

Remember that while you cannot use Starbucks rewards at Walt Disney World locations, you can earn points. I just earned 12 bonus points for 2 visits. And I added $25 to my card last week when a $10 bonus was offered. So really, the $25 we spent on a “You Are Here” mug, drink and cupcake will cost $15 when all is said and done. Always look for those offers if you are sign up for Starbucks Rewards! Those 12 bonus points helped qualify us for a free drink or food item outside of Walt Disney World as well.

Here is a look at the entrance to the Creature Comforts Starbucks.

If you have been to other Starbucks locations on property, it isn’t much different except in theme and the cupcake choices.

This is a first view in the restaurant.

As always, there are two sides.

The ceiling.

Here is a video of the Starbucks location, with more photos following.

The decorations here are about what you’d expect, including this tea pot and cups.

Decorations are often animal or drink themed, or a combination of both.

Cups and animal figures line this shelf.

Two giraffes are intertwined.

The menu includes Starbucks Refreshers, coffee, tea, etc.

We have seen these cupcakes elsewhere in the park, they aren’t exclusive to Starbucks. But I like using my Starbucks card to pay for them. The Tree of Life cupcake is chocolate and delicious.

The sugary coating on top is a little crunchy.

We haven’t tried a Cotton-Top Tamarin cupcake, but it looks like chocolate too.

Here is a look at the Zebra cupcake.

Muffins, scones, coffee cake and other items are also available.

Cake pops.

Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake.

Salted Caramel Square and S’mores Tart.

Coffee cake.

I picked up a Chai Tea Latte. I find it interesting that “small” and “tall” mean the same thing at Starbucks.

Hot day, hot drink.

Jeff wanted to complete his U.S. Disney park mug collection.

This is the mug for Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. The “You Are Here” mugs are so popular! Always buy one when you see it (if you plan to purchase one), since they sometimes sell out.

Here are a few more photos from the inside of the restaurant.

I am not a coffee drinker, but enjoy stopping at Starbucks occasionally. This makes a nice addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park!