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Baymax and Hiro End Run at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Magic of Disney Animation Closes (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Magic of Disney Animation, one of the original attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (actually, Disney-MGM Studios as it was named through 2008), closed on July 12th, 2015 as Disney’s Hollywood Studios looks ahead to the future. Along with the attraction, the Baymax and Hiro meet and greet ended as well. The pair had been meeting since November 7, 2014 and were still a very popular with guests. After the last guest had met with them, Cast Members who had worked the meet and greet over the last 8 months joined them for group photos.

Looking back, it is hard to believe it is just over 8 months since the first Big Hero 6 meet and greet. It feels like Baymax and Hiro had been here much longer.

Guests waited a couple of hours to meet them.

One guest took a Poloroid photo of Baymax and Hiro, and Hiro shows it to Baymax here.

Cast Members surrounded Baymax and Hiro, it was very emotional and everyone got in the shot for group photos. It was reminiscent to when Flynn Rider ended his run at the Magic Kingdom.

Baymax and Hiro go in for a final hug.

Baymax and Hiro.

Here is the video as Baymax and Hiro greet guests, meet Cast Members and leave for the last time.

The last few photos were screen caps from Jeff. This is what I saw, with Cast Members surrounding and clapping for Hiro and Baymax.

Baymax and Hiro wave one last goodbye.

The Big Hero 6 yet is now closed to the public.

Sorcerer Mickey was moved to another location, but we took some photos of his backdrop on the final day.

We also enjoyed one last Animation Academy class.

Our project was Tigger.

Jeff and I with our drawings.

We took turns having photos taken in the chair at Drawn to Animation, Jeff is with Cast Member Shane.

This is a last look at the set for Drawn to Animation.

We will especially miss the movie production artwork that would arrive once or twice per year. The last display was the concept art for Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out. The cases and artwork had been scaled back in the past couple of years. We started sharing the displays back in 2009, when Disney-Pixar’s UP was about to debut.

The Magic of Disney Animation film strip at night.

We left about an hour before the building was to close, when nearly everything inside had ended for the day.

We will miss the small courtyard area with the Frank & Ollie, Ward Kimball and other animator handprints and signatures – I hope these special items can be saved and moved.

We don’t know what is happening with this area yet, and are hoping some announcements will be made at the D23 Expo next month.