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New Epcot Merchandise in World Showcase Includes Downton Abbey, Hello Kitty and Pinocchio

Hi everyone!

We spent a few hours at Epcot and found quite a bit of new World Showcase merchandise. I highly recommend checking out the shops for unique items, which currently include an expanded line of Downton Abbey items in the UK pavilion. Keep reading for photos of that and more!

We haven’t had as much time as I’d like for Epcot in the last few weeks, but I did post a World Showcase merchandise update about a month ago. It was nice to have a non-rainy morning for a walk around Epcot, and I took some photos as we headed to World Showcase.

Can you believe the Epcot Food & Wine Festival begins next month? The Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog will be back again after one year off.

A monorail glides past the Imagination pavilion and The Land.

Here is a look back at Future World as we head to World Showcase. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, we share plenty of photos there!

In the Port of Entry shop at the entrance to World Showcase, we found this Magic Kingdom ornament.

Canada is one of my favorite stops in World Showcase for beauty pictures, it is always so colorful and vibrant.

Northwest Mercantile doesn’t seem to change merchandise as often as some shops, but we found a few items new to us.


I always like to see what night shirts are available, this one I’ve not seen before. “Bearly Awake”.

Tervis is represented here for a number of Canadian hockey teams, and now there are smaller collectible Tervis hockey tumblers. They are about the size of a shot glass or toothpick holder.

Here is a look at one each of the smaller and larger tumblers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs also have smaller and larger tumblers now. We are huge fans of Tervis.

The UK has Mickey and Minnie on this t-shirt.

The same pattern is on a tote.

Merchandise in the UK shops change regularly, though Doctor Who has been a staple here for just over 2 years now (currently in the Toy Soldier).

Downton Abbey merchandise has also been here for a couple of years, but new items have appeared. Unlike other merchandise we’ve seen, the household workers are on some of these pieces.

This lightweight sack will be a favorite for guests. It is light like a pillowcase.

One of my favorite items is this wall hanging.

I think I’m not posh enough to know what some of the items are. 🙂

Check out the Lords and Ladies shop at Epcot for Downton Abbey merchandise! Some other items have been held over, at least for now.

A new hutch has been added for more UK goodies.

Galaxy is now being carried here – it is also my favorite UK chocolate, though it has been hard to find in regular retail stores in the US.

Now on to France!

L’Esprit De La Provence has been carrying a selection of Ratatouille and macaron themed merchandise for quite some time.

Every time we visit, we find something new in the Ratatouille line that has been here since January.

This travel mug was new to us.

This figure isn’t new and can be found at Disneyland Paris (as many other items can be, but with a different logo). But it was too cute not to share again.

Julia Child cookbooks are located near the exit now.

Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom book.

One of my favorite places to walk at Walt Disney World is around World Showcase.

Next, we head to Mitsukoshi. Even though it doesn’t carry any Disney themed merchandise, there are always fun items to be found here. I recommend buying if you see anything as the merchandise rotates constantly.

It is back to school with Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty backpacks.

More merchandise from Hello Kitty.

This pillow is heavier than it looks.

Sonic the Hedgehog has a growing presence here as well.

We stopped next at Heritage Manor gifts.

Mickey is red, white and blue.

Many of the t-shirts have hidden Mickeys.

Firefly Moonshine currently offers 5 flavors here.

The stars and stripes on a t-shirt, with Mickey as the stars.

Mickey Mouse patriotic bag.

Mickey Mouse patriotic pillow.

Minnie Mouse U.S.A. shirt.

This U.S.A. shirt includes Mickey and Minnie spelling out the letters.

Mickey and Minnie close up.

These are two patriotic wallets.

We found a couple of new t-shirts in Italy.

This Epcot Italy shirt includes a Mickey head.

This is another World Showcase Italy shirt, with Mickey’s head (but much smaller).

A Pinocchio cart popped up about a week ago.

The Pinocchio merchandise has been made in Italy.

There are quite a few different items!

Pinocchio magnets.

Germany had new Biergarten shirts last month, and we found a few more on this visit.

The beer overflows on this Biergarten shirt.


Another Biergarten shirt, this one a tank.

The candy selection changes occasionally, I haven’t noticed the White Teds before.

In Norway, we saw some new shirts in the last article – and here is another.

This tank is similar to a shirt from one in last month’s article.

I always enjoy finding new items around World Showcase and sharing them! Each shop carries merchandise from the country represented, and some of the items are hard to find elsewhere.