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Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen at SeaWorld Orlando Offers Comfort Dining and Unique Craft Beers

Hi everyone!

Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen opened recently at SeaWorld Orlando, and we were invited to the media event last week to try samples of the offerings. I didn’t realize before we arrived that many of the items would be meal sized, offering another counter service restaurant and not just another snack location. Guests can purchase a regular pretzel as well, but the signature Mama’s Meatball Pretzel Twist really is too good to miss! And there are 8 craft beers on tap to choose from.

Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen is located near Shamu Stadium, and offers outdoor seating (no indoor seats).

It is really hard to miss that this place is about pretzels!

The restaurant is larger than I expected, from the counter to the food case and fountain drink area.

This is the menu, including prices for pretzels, dipping sauce, and beers. Guests can choose a Craft Brew Flight of 4 beers – and all 8 beers were solid choices. Jeff’s favorite beer was the 3 Daughters Beach Blonde Ale. As far as pretzels, there are quite a few great items on the menu.

The Pepperoni Pretzel was just a little too salty overall for me. I didn’t have that issue with anything else I tried.

I didn’t get to the Bacon Pretzel Twist, but Jeff really enjoyed it and everyone else was raving about it too.

This was my favorite, Mama’s Meatball Pretzel Twist. I love meatballs and would order this in the future. I haven’t seen anything that says the chips are homemade, but they taste that way. And the portion size here is huge!

Pretzel pieces with dipping sauce.

Here is a look at many of the items that guests can purchase at Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen.

Did I mention huge pretzels? The Bacon Pretzel Twist also is meal sized.

The Cinnamon Sugar Nuggets dessert pretzels were a favorite of mine.

It isn’t hard to find the beer or the specialty frozen drink. Copa Premium Wine is also for sale.

Excecutive Chef Hector Colon poured us our beer after we interviewed him.

Our interview with Chef Hector is on our Mousesteps Weekly #158 (our coverage begins at about 7:57). He seemed very passionate about the new restaurant, which is like comfort food with great craft beers on the side. We do recommend a visit to this new offering at SeaWorld!