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Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights Details – Including Muppets Garland: 20th and Final Year

Hi everyone!

We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday to check out the progress on the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights as it enters its 20th and final year, and we also visited Minnie Mouse in her new Disney Junior location (article coming today). The Osborne Lights display is a Christmas night tradition for us, and I’m also really glad it is starting earlier than Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year. This is the first year in about 13 years that there will be Passholder previews, so we look forward to visiting several times early in the season.

One of our favorite details this year is the Muppets garland featuring Miss Piggy! Keep reading for more information.

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The eyes have it! I noticed the Muppet-look garland above the pink garland before I viewed Miss Piggy’s eyes staring down.

Two rows of garland are in this location.

Miss Piggy’s recognizable long lashes sit above her piercing blue eyes. Pearls accentuate the ribbon. To the right looks like a hidden Mickey.

This is the first garland I noticed. I don’t remember garland from The Muppets here before, but brightly lit trees are always in the Muppets Courtyard.

The garland is on this building.

Hidden Mickeys are being added all over the display.

There is another hidden Mickey on the ground.

Decorations are being added in windows.

A bike sits outside of the China Bowl.

Hidden Mickey in lights.

The canopy of lights is back.

Some of the windows below are now decorated, but not all.

I always enjoy the gargoyles with lights.

Mickey can be found on the phone booth.


A wreath is in the window.

Christmas tree.

This is where the Dalmatians always are. The number of dogs always seems to change, as does their location and add-ons (like ribbons tied on the neck).

Santa pulls Rudolph.

The reflection of the snowman can be easily seen.

This will the last year of this sign, which outlines how The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights came about. I first started going during the first year, when it was on Residential Street. Back then, the Golden Girls house facade was lit up!

Herbie’s Drive-In is decorated with garland.

Angels fly overhead.

Santa meets Mickey.

The flame will glow one final time.

It is hard to see much of the train here, but it is a favorite of mine!

Nutcracker soldier.

Decorated balconies.

American Tourister luggage and holiday decor.

Another window.


A hidden Mickey is on one piece of luggage.

A carousel is above.

Peace on Earth globe.

Here is a look down the street.

Looking up at a tree on the “library”.

Here is another carousel. While there are some new additions, a lot of what is being added is from previous years.

Mickey and Minnie are back on the water tower.

Mickey basketballs.

Mickey’s head in lights.

Holiday decorations on a building.

Window decorations.

I love finding all the little details in the holiday windows.

Here is another window.

Goofy again has a candy cane in hand.

A snowman holds a bucket.

To the right is always where the light switch is.

Santa and his reindeer are ready to fly another year.

This mailbox will soon be lighting up.

If you haven’t experienced the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, we highly recommend making a trip this year to see it. I hope that eventually it does find a new home in the future, but there is no guarantee of it returning.

If you head over to the Studio Prop Shop, you will find some garland and wreaths there too.

Just one look at a wreath on the wall. It isn’t too exciting, but it is notable.

How do you feel about the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights ending this year?