Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Update – Club Disney Closing; Construction; Merchandise; Characters Outside Park

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has begun the process of closures and other work to prepare for Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land (both years down the road). Club Disney is ending its very short run at the new Sunset Showcase – it is said to be operating seasonally after that, although spring break is right around the corner. And characters have been meeting outside the park, though they are not on the schedule and aren’t guaranteed. Here is a look at our visit from a couple of days ago.

Zootopia is coming to the theaters on March 4th, and there is a preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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I will never tire of having this view back.

We’ve had a lot of rainy weather lately, it was nice to have a very clear day.

Club Disney has only been around for a couple of months at Sunset Showcase, and new costumes were added last month. Yet the last day will be February 6th, 2016. I mentioned earlier that it is supposed to be seasonal, though sometimes attractions never come back after being added to a seasonal roster. This one may, since they do have new costumes, but I’m surprised they didn’t hold it through spring break.

The Club Disney signs do include the new costumes.

There are rumors for what Sunset Showcase might hold, including a possible Star Wars experience. But we’ll see!

The Sunset Showcase location is next to the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, and in the shadow of The Hollywood Tower of Terror. This area used to be used for ESPN The Weekend.

Club Disney offers music, air conditioning, dancing, phone chargers and comfortable seats.

Donald Duck is seen dancing on the screens.

I’m not generally a big fan of dance parties, but this is a very nice location (and one of the songs being played was “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers!)

Goofy and Pluto hit the dance floor.

Goofy dances in his Club Disney costume with Minnie on the screen behind him.

Goofy dances with a Cast Member.


Mickey was very animated.

Mickey photobombed Minnie.

I like Minnie’s costume at this location. It is really cute! Mickey stuck behind her.

One more of Mickey and Minnie.

Both Chip and Dale were out dancing.

Donald and Daisy were dancing separately.

Daisy poses for me.

Chip in his Club Disney costume.

There is a Mickey disco ball.

Daisy went backstage with other characters, two sets of characters swap out.

Outside of Club Disney, Sunset Ranch Market is behind walls.

A Stormtrooper poses with Disney Junior in the background.

Signs have been put out to let guests know they can meet Sorcerer Mickey.

The Zootopia preview is showing at One Man’s Dream. It is well worth the stop!

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are on the doors to the entrance of the preview.

The New York Street area is going to be closed in April.

Sometimes I notice things that I haven’t seen before, even after nearly 40 years of park visits. This is on New York Street.

Pizza Planet is closed and won’t re-open until later this year.

This restroom sign has a Metro look to it.

The whole wall has writing on it, and advertisments for shops & restaurants.

Mama Melrose’s.

Pizza Planet.

More of the wall.

Phineas and Ferb closed weeks ago.

The wall passes by the former Joffrey’s, former Cars meet & greet, and former Premiere Theater. Soon to also be former is Lights, Motors, Action and the Writer’s Stop, along with New York Street.

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights signage was still up.

Here is some of the newer merchandise, mostly Studios related. This first shirt isn’t a logo shirt, but a Pixar-Disney Hawaiian style shirt.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios polo shirt.

The new merchandise is more of a throwback to old Hollywood, I like the styling.

Minnie Mouse is glamorous in the artwork.

There are a variety of sizes and cuts in the Minnie merchandise.

Minnie Mouse sweat jacket.

Duffy the Disney Bear in a Sorcerer Mickey costume.

Mickey Mouse with a clapboard on this mug.

Mickey Mouse is a director on this shirt.

Mickey Mouse with his clapboard.

The merchandise reminds me of the old Disney-MGM Studios.

Outside of the park, Br’er Fox was hiding behind a plant outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It did not hide him very well.

Soon he emerged to greet us.

This is our video of Br’er Fox.

We don’t see the Evil Queen too often.

This meet and greet experience is not on any schedule, it is a suprise for guests (as long as it lasts, anyway).

Snow White was nearby.

Snow White poses.

Here is our video of Snow White and the Evil Queen.

Princess Tiana goes backstage.

Bert and Mary also were heading back.

It was nice to see Pocahontas as well.

Sorcerer Mickey as a topiary almost looks springlike here!

So much will be happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we will be updating regularly!