Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

B.B. Wolf’s at Disney Springs Mini-Review; Blaze Pizza Concept Art; Disney Springs Update as More Walls Come Down for May 15th Town Center Opening

Hi everyone!

Today was to be just a casual lunch at The Boathouse before walking around Disney Springs – but there were some fun changes that included the remaining walls being down at Town Center (behind Morimoto Asia) and B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. opening briefly to guests. Cast Members have been enjoying the new (upcoming) restaurants at Disney Springs including D-Luxe Burger and B.B. Wolf’s – the latter is a public location and management decided to stay open a little longer after the Cast preview was finished for the day to take its first guests.

Here is a look at the Bavarian Sausage Sandwich at B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co., which ended up mostly coming home (due to the Boathouse meal).

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This is the B.B. Wolf’s menu, “established 1933”. There are a number of different items on the menu, including the 3 Pigs Sampler and Sweet Hot Sausage. Prices mostly are under $10.00 and the sausage was enough for a meal. The two draft beers are Yuengling and Goose Island Four Star Pilsner.

Jeff purchased the Bavarian Sausage Sandwich.

Take a look at our B.B. Wolf’s video and then keep reading for the full update!

Here is a look at the sandwich. It says on the menu that inside is a “Mini Meterwurst”. Meterwurst in Germany seems to have to do with the size. In this case, the sausage was a pretty generous size for the money. Jeff liked the pretzel bread better than at other restaurants that serve it on property.

The sausage reminds me of a pig’s tail, which is appropriate to the location. Jeff said it was juicy, and you can see the size is decent.

Thanks to Patrick Pulliam for the next two photos! This is the 3 Little Pigs Sampler.

And this is the Sweet Hot Sausage. He really enjoyed the two items. Thanks to Patrick!

On to more of Disney Springs! Here is a look at the Coca Cola Store construction today.

Walls were down in back of Morimoto Asia in preparation for the Sunday opening of Town Center.

D-Luxe Burger was taking a lot of Cast Member guests today. One Cast Member gave two thumbs up, saying the burger was excellent.

I noticed concept art in the distance.

Blaze Pizza will be here soon, and the concept art can be seen.

Blaze Pizza will be beyond this bridge.

I can’t wait to preview Sprinkles on Friday! Check out their Sprinkles Perks program. It is free to join.

I don’t know anything about L’Occitane or really most of the shops that will be here in the coming months.

Most of the buildings look pretty much done, but there is still some work going on.

A Cast Member said that the lights here (which we’ve seen at night) will dance to music after dark. So we’ll see if that is the case. The colorful balls remind me of Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

I’m looking forward to walking around this area Sunday.

Pandora can be seen, the building from here reminds me of the former Disney Village. And beyond that, restrooms. It’s always nice to know where those are!

Looking across from this area to Town Center.

Alex and Ani can be seen through the trees.

A bench along the fence that separates The Landing from Town Center.

Planters sit in front of the bridge that will be the entrance from The Landing to Town Center.

STK is now taking reservations from May 25th and on.

Here is a look at the side of STK.

The Planet Hollywood Observatory is scheduled to open this summer.

I believe these will be Haagen Daaz and Wetzel’s Pretzels.

Fulton’s Crab House is being stripped to become Paddlefish.

The Savannah Bee Company now has a sign.

Here is a look at a new cheesecake at The Boathouse – with blueberries inside and out. It was enough for 3 to split after lunch.

Morimoto Street Food will be opening here on Sunday.

Another view of Planet Hollywood.

The Coke Store next to Planet Hollywood.

New palm trees have been added around the upcoming bus stop.

Just a few more days now until Town Center opens! I’m really looking forward to seeing it from the other side of the springs. There is so much more to see around Disney Springs, we’ll have a full report on Sprinkles this Friday and Town Center on Sunday.