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Review: Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs Overhauls Food Menu

Hi everyone!

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar made significant changes to its food menu that debuted yesterday (the drink menu is the same). We’d heard for a couple of months from Cast Members that there would be a lunch menu added – but that wasn’t the case, it ended up being of an overhaul of many menu items. Here is a look at what is new. While for me, there are less items to choose from that I’d like, your mileage may vary. The service was, as usual, outstanding. You can read our original review of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar from last September on opening day.

We had visited the previous day for one last trip through some of our favorite menu items. The outdoor menu was switched out by the time we arrived yesterday morning.

The nice color menu pages hadn’t yet been added back to the book (they are supposed to be by tomorrow), but this is the food menu printed out. Some items just received a name change, but four items are completely different. The Rolling Boulder Sliders are named the same, but very different than the previous incarnation (that had been my favorite menu item). Temple Tenderloin is my new favorite item on the menu. Instead of Tanis Tacos, which was was a delicious falafel taco dish, there is now the Tanis Tuna Tacos and the Sallah’s Falafel – the latter being a sweet potato falafel.

Here is a look at the former menu, and you can see where the former Dr. Elsa’s Shrimp BLT Flatbread is the same but with the new name of Frauleins Flatbread. Squid! Why’d it Have to be Squid? is now Calimarion. Gone are Snack of Ra, Good Dates, and Tanis Tacos completely.

So, on the former menu there were four items I ordered in rotation (with the former Rolling Boulder Sliders my most ordered item). Now there is really just one that I would order and one or two that I’d eat otherwise. This is my favorite item on the new menu, the Temple Tenderloin. It is also the highest priced item on the menu at $17.00. Jock Lindsey’s has always had essentially an appetizer menu, but I’ve always felt that almost all the items made a meal. That is no different now. While the menu says that the sliced beef tenderloin here is “stacked high”, that is an overstatement. However, the beef is tender and tasty, and comes with an au jus on the side. It’s like a french dip sandwich. It comes on a toasted baguette with swiss, tomato, argula and radish slaw served with a side of jugo de carne and fries with a bacon and chimichurri sauce. The fries are crispy on the inside, soft on the inside and we were told there would be a loaded french fry appetizer added soon to the menu. This for us would have been one entree to split.

Here is a look at the meat inside the sandwich.

Jock Lindsey’s has been a favorite restaurant of mine at Disney Springs, as much for the food as for the drinks.

The next new item is the Sallah’s Falafel. The menu says that it is served with a romesco sauce, pickled vegetable, swiss chard, herbed yogurt-cheese and grilled naan bread. The naan did not come out on the first try, so make sure you receive it. It is meant to be deconstructed and then guests can use the naan bread to roll up the falafel if they wish. While I like falafel, I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes – so while I appreciate the dish, and enjoyed it, it isn’t something I’d order because sweet potatoes are not something I tend to order. This dish can be made vegan.

Here is a close-up view of the falafel bites.

The romesco sauce comes on the side.

We opened it to eat.

The Rolling Boulder Sliders are very different. I will miss the former incarnation, where the “spicy” meatball sliders were drizzled with a yogurt sauce. Apparently the old sliders were too spicy for some guests, although I can’t handle too much spiciness and I thought the dish was pretty mild. This new slider dish consists of three brisket meatballs with tomato-bacon jam, house made pickles, shredded lettuce and tomato.

They are mostly ordinary style sliders and the jam is good, but reminds me of ketchup. I do like them, but they aren’t as unique as before.

This is what the former Rolling Boulder Sliders looked like just a couple of days ago. Whatever bit of spice was in the sliders was definitely cooled down by the yogurt sauce, and I thought this was the perfect appetizer/entree.

Tanis Tuna Tacos cost $15.00, this dish is the second most expensive item now. Seared ahi tuna with ancient spices in a tortilla shell with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, cilantro and jalapeno pepper. I don’t eat seafood, Jeff enjoyed it. I was told that this dish can be made with grilled chicken as well, which would be more up my alley.

Here is a look from farther away.

Prior, this was the Tanis Tacos with falafel. I only started eating falafel a couple of years ago, and the combination of the taco and falafel made for a fantastic dish. I’m sorry to see this one go too.

The menu of Jock Lindsey’s is still adventurous and creative, but for me there are more misses because of my own personal food tastes. If I loved sweet potato, I’d probably love Sallah’s Falafel, the flavor of sweet potato was very creamy with each bite. I definitely still recommend Jock Lindsey’s for the drinks – and try the food while you are there, it’s still a solid choice if you are looking for something to enjoy with your beverages.