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Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs Opens: Store Offers Merchandise & Rooftop Beverage Bar (Including Beverly Ice Cream Float!)

Hi everyone!

The Coca-Cola Store opened at Disney Springs today. Modeled after a 1920s Coca-Cola bottling plant, there are three floors  – two with merchandise, and then the rooftop beverage bar that features a variety of Coca-Cola products. The Coca-Cola polar bear will begin meeting in late July or early August, and alchoholic beverages will be available for purchase very soon in the afternoon/evenings (we were told next week).

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Before reading the article, here is our video tour of the Coca-Cola Store.

I’m starting on the rooftop terrace, which offers nice views of Disney Springs. Guests can walk up a ramp to get to the third floor or use the elevators. This view is of the Orange Parking Garage, which is very close to the Coca-Cola Store.

Characters in Flight lifts up over Disney Springs.

Planet Hollywood has been undergoing a transformation into the Planet Hollywood Observatory, and that is viewable from here.

On the terrace, guests can purchase a variety of drinks. Freestyle machines are available, and today (due to it being the opening day), drinks from the machine were free.

Freestyle costs $3.00 – $3.75 (depending on size) with 5 free refills within an hour of purchase. Not listed on the fountain beverage list above that are some international drinks like Beverly, but we were told any can be sold as a fountain drink or float.

Here is a look at the other side of the menu, with the one food item being peanuts.

Jeff ordered the Tastes of the World International Tray. This is a lot of soda for $8.00!

The 16 beverages are listed here. Occasionally a drink will be switched out on the Tastes of the World International Tray.

Drinks currently include Beverly from Italy, Inca Kola from Peru, Thums Up from India, Smart Watermelon from China, and Fanta Apple Kiwi from Thailand. There is no Mezzo Mix, which is the drink I’ve been asked most about.

Here are the 16 soda samples. We were told this is generally splittable between 3-4 people (we didn’t see anyone finishing it with one or two guests ordering it). I don’t drink a lot of soda (a little Sprite & Peach Sprite), so Jeff was mostly on his own here.

A friend ordered these 8 float samples. The better value is the 16 international sodas and 8 floats together, it saves a couple of dollars to do it that way instead of ordering the trays separately. We were told the ice cream is Häagen-Dazs.

Jeff thought it’d be fun to try an ice cream float with Beverly (the bitter Italian soda that is well known at Epcot). Any of the international flavors available can be used to create a float. This was the smallest one at $3.75.

Here is a close-up of the Beverly float.

Yes, he actually likes it! I tried a tiny bit of the ice cream on top, but it was soaked with Beverly and still bitter.

The patio is really a lovely place to spend some time, and we were told that park fireworks can be seen from here.

Here is another look at one section of the large patio.

There are restrooms up here.

There is a plethora of merchandise on the two floors below. Guests who enjoy the Coca-Cola bear won’t be disappointed, there is plenty to choose from.

Here is a look at the first floor, with polar bears, banks and more.

There are quite a few items that are Orlando specific.

Orlando pajama pants.

There are several different Coca-Cola Orlando ballcaps, this is one of them.

Here is another Coca-Cola Orlando cap.

Orlando golf balls (there are also red ones).

Orlando glassware.

Orlando mugs.

My favorite item? Coca-Cola Orlando Tervis cups. I love Tervis tumblers!

There were Orlando souvenir LE bottles, Iimited to 500.

There are Orlando magnets.

Coca-Cola Orlando bottle cap style magnet.

This 30-foot wide blown-glass chandelier is created from repurposed Coca-Cola bottles. I like the environmentally friendly touches here.

Coke polar bears on a wall.

The Coca-Cola polar bear on a t-shirt.

There aren’t just Orlando Tervis tumblers, but other Tervis (ones I’ve not seen on the official Tervis website).

A wall of Tervis.

Coca-Cola Orlando Tervis.

Polar Bear wavy Tervis. Merchandise here is pretty reasonably priced, including the Tervis tumblers. I believe the largest was $21.95.

Coming soon, the polar bear meet and greet!

Polar Bear Paw Mittens.

Signs for sale.

This is what the second floor looks like, with a lot of merchandise and a couple of video screens.

Coca-Cola apparel.

Scented tees.


There is a table of recycled merchandise, which is something I’m always happy to see.

Signs around the table give information about how artisans from around the world design these, and it helps empower women entrepeneurs.

Recycled elephants.

There are purses and wallets available.

Information about UPAVIM.

Here is another look at the first floor.

These buttons cost $1.00 each.

There are even Coke Jeans!

There is so much to look at in the shop.

My favorite part of the Coca-Cola Store is the beautiful rooftop. For only a few dollar drink purchase, it makes for a relaxing respite from the crowd (at least it did this morning, before too many guests discovered it). I highly recommend a stop here!