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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Guests Celebrate 2016 Halloween with Annual Golf Cart Parade; Headless Horseman Makes Surprise Appearance

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground held its annual Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade yesterday. Traditionally it is held on Halloween, but a number of things changed this year at the campground – including taking some events off schedule and not holding the campfire program. But the Headless Horseman did make an appearance yesterday, and I will post about that later in the article (as well as the unscheduled meet and greet with Chip & Dale). First a look at the golf cart parade! Campsite guests create all the carts, and some are spectacular.

This was one of my favorite carts, and I didn’t realize what it was until I could see the back of the cart.

Dale was in the first golf cart, and Chip brought up the end of the parade.

I am sharing photos of some of the carts, here is our video with all of them (I think more than 100, I haven’t counted!). This is the 7th year in a row we have posted video and photos of the carts.

Here is a look at Dale as he was driven by.

It’s always fun to see the pet costumes. We are missing the Fort Wilderness Pet Parade today.

Finding Dory cart.

A large spider.

Check out this cute pup!

This is a villains float, with Maleficent, Ursula, Gaston and Cruella.

A Minion cart with Gru.

A skeleton suns himself.

Two carts including the sunning skeleton.

The other one wore a Cubs shirt.

This was a fun Goofy costume.

The biggest suprise was the Ghostbusters theme on several carts. This one was done really well.

This is the back of the Ghostbusters cart.

I really liked this cart, with Mickey Mouse through the years.

The years include 1928 for Steamboat Willie.

The back of the cart has the Walt Disney quote “I Only Hope That We Never Lose Sight of One Thing…That it was all Started by a Mouse”.

Another one of my favorite carts is this River Country golf cart.

The back features Mickey and Minnie on the slides, and a raft is to the side of the cart.

Here are Mickey and Minnie close up.

Nightmare Before Christmas cart.


Haunted Mansion cart.

The back of the Haunted Mansion cart.

This is like a spooky Cars cart.

Nightmare Before Christmas was a theme on several carts.

Oogie Boogie takes up the back here.

Christmas was a theme with this cart (and in reality, it is just a couple of days until full Christmas at the Magic Kingdom!)

Here is another Ghostbusters cart.

Michael Myers drives this cart.

After the golf cart parade, we went to check out some of the decorated pumpkins. These are carved and decorated by campsite guests.

Chip and Dale vintage Marshmallow Marsh pumpkin!

There were quite a few pumpkins for the contest.

Ursula pumpkin.

Kermit pumpkin.

Dory pumpkin and dinosaur.

Cinderella coach pumpkin.

It was hard to get all the pumpkins in one photo.

This was another favorite golf cart, as it traveled past the pumpkins (it is in our video).

Chip and Dale were in their usual costumes for Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, Chip as a pirate and Dale as a vampire.

Jeff met the chipmunks.

Dale wears a small Dale on his head (given to him by a young guest).

Here is our video of Chip and Dale.

And one big surprise was that the Headless Horseman did show up. The Headless Horseman has traditionally been a “surprise” guest at the campfire on Halloween eve, but he had a new location and tends to never be advertised either way. He spent about 15 minutes out, with a great backdrop and allowing guests to take photos of him and his horse.

Sleepy Hollow Village Limits.

The Headless Horseman poses for guests.

Here is our video of the Headless Horseman.

And we always love the holiday decorations at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, especially for Halloween.

Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Some of the displays are quite elaborate.

Banjo playing skeleton.

Enter if you Dare.

This pirate ship is a guest favorite!

It’s always fun to see the creativity of the campsite guests at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.