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PizzeRizzo at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – A Detailed Look Inside the Muppet Themed Restaurant

Hi everyone!

PizzeRizzo opened last month at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the former location of Toy Story Pizza Planet. While the food pretty much stayed the same (I was hoping for an upgrade), the atmosphere is much nicer with terrific theming throughout. PizzeRizzo is 2 stories with outdoor seating both on the ground and upper level. But it is the Banquet Room that has become one of my favorite places to eat in at Walt Disney World (just for atmosphere). I do really like that the Muppets are being utilized so much across property now.

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Before the photos, here is Mousesteps Weekly #209 – we talk about the restaurant!

Rizzo is shown on the signage outside the restaurant.

This is a big restaurant with a lot of registers. So far I’ve not seen it too busy  – the location isn’t really close to much right now, since the Osborne Lights are no longer available and New York Street is under construction for Star Wars Land.

Here is a look at the registers and serving counter.

A rat is dressed in a Venetian gondolier costume.

I forgot to photograph my own pizza when I ate there, the pizzas are the small personal pan pizzas as they were before.

This merchandise cabinet is just for show.

PizzeRizzo Employee of the Month.

This is the current menu. The adult menu pizzas and meatball sub come with a side caesar salad.

I did see the tiramisu, and that looked really good. There are several kids meals.

Beverages include sodas, sangria, wine and beer.

The Famous Original PizzeRizzo.

A note from Pepe’ to Rizzo.

PizzeRizzo menus for guests to look at while waiting.

Papa Rizzo’s original apron.

Rizzo in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Seating downstairs tends to be much busier than upstairs, and there is less to look at of interest here.

Upstairs, there are quite a few nods to The Muppets and other references.

PizzeRizzo coupon.

PizzeRizzo Classiest Banquet Room.

We put the “rat” in celebrate!

Zarat survey.

Fish juggler for hire.

In theme with Gonzo’s Royal Flush restrooms.

Fozzie’s Funny Business.

There weren’t many guests upstairs either time I visited.

Subway and Insterstate 95 sign.

Statue of Liberty Welcome Center.

There are albums that either have Muppet, pizza or rat references. This one is Jack White & The Electric Mayhem.

Dr. Teeth.

The Longhorn Cheddar Cheeses with songs like “Fromage in Low Places”.

One view across the room, with the outdoor seating outside the windows.

Mice Girls.

A Playbill for “Of Mice and Men”.

18th Street Station sign from New York Street.

Close up on the sign.

No Standing.

Caricatures of The Muppets.

Electric Mayhem Band.


There are probably a dozen caricatures here, definitely worth visiting upstairs for.



Swedish Chef.

Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.

Here is a corner with much of the artwork.

Tables and booths upstairs.

I won’t eat anywhere else but in Rizzo’s Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall.

The room has fun lighting, dance type music (like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”) and a dance floor for theming. The music isn’t too loud.

The room turns blue.

Chandeliers and a disco ball above.

The garbage cans have a variety of slogans on them.

It’s easy being green.

This is the outdoor seating area upstairs.

Santa Claus view.

The “tomato loading zone” is next door.

Heckler Tomatoes on the water tower.

The sign changes to say…

“It’s Rat Pizza”.

Pizza sign.

Definitely stop by PizzeRizzo at least to look around – your mileage may vary on the food, I know a lot of people who like the small personal pan pizzas.