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Blu-Ray Review: Disney “Pinocchio” from The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Disney’s Pinocchio is now part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection. This classic film features the work of most of Disney’s esteemed Nine Old Men, including Ward Kimball and Frank Thomas, who were a large part in crafting the masterpiece about Pinocchio’s journey to be a real boy.

The Blu-ray features several versions: The theatrical version, the “Disney view” version (it’s like having the black bars on the side, but with decorative borders instead), and a “Sing-a-Long with the Movie” version where the lyrics are shown so everyone can sing along during songs.

The newest bonus features are very light, and classic bonus features are here as well. The new bonus features are:

The Pinocchio Project: “When You Wish Upon a Star“: Music influencers I’ve not heard of create their own version of the song. This particular bonus feature wasn’t of much interest for me.

Walt’s Story Meetings: Pleasure Island: I did enjoy this bonus feature quite a bit, it recreates to some degree the story meetings between February 1938 and July 1939. I hadn’t realized that Pleasure Island had an…interesting name prior to its eventual moniker. I’m not printing it due to the type of Google searches I may get (see video below), but I enjoyed learning about the changes that occured through the movie production. Director Pete Docter helps anchor this bonus feature. There was a lot left from Pinocchio that never made it on the big screen.

In Walt’s Words: Pinocchio: Where the last bonus feature did not feature real recordings of Walt, this one does as he talks about making Pinocchio. This bonus feature also includes archival footage. Check out this video clip from it.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in “Poor Papa“: “This recently restored and scored 1927 short features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who gets multiple visits from the story and is forced to attempt various methods to help stop the onslaught of baby deliveries”. It is definitely worth viewing!

There are also quite a few classic bonus features, which is nice if you don’t have the last Blu-ray release.

What can I say? Pinocchio is one of the most beloved films of any genre of all time. Especially if you don’t have the previous Blu-ray version, it’s so well worth purchasing for your movie library.