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Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Mardi Gras Pargo Cart Parade Celebrates Disney Transportation (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort at Walt Disney World held its annual Mardi Gras Pargo Parade today (February 28th, 2017), with the theme of “Transportation Magic from Land, Sea, and Sky”. It was my favorite of the parades we’ve shared since we started posting about them in 2012. The Cast Members outdid themselves! Here is a look at photos and video from today. I think it was also the most well attended Mardi Gras Pargo Parade we’ve seen. I’ve been asked what a Pargo cart is, it is a golf cart and these are highly decorated.

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The parade not only included land, sea and sky, but animated and non-animated entries.

Here is our full parade video and then check out the photos!

Some of the carts had strictly a Mardi Gras theme.

The first transportation entry was this Kilimanjaro Safaris ride vehicle pargo cart.

Here is the side of the vehicle.

Cast Members always give out beads and candy to guests.

It’s always fun to see Cast Members walking the parade route. Each pargo cart is designed by a different department.

This was one of my favorites, a Walt Disney World monorail.

Cast Members ride on a surrey bike decorated for the day.

The Walt Disney World Railroad was represented.

Roy O. Disney.

Another favorite of mine was the Steamboat Willie pargo cart.

Here is a look at it from above.

Steamboat Willie at the helm.

And one more look, from the side.

Dusty Crophopper from Disney Planes is next.

Here is a look at the side.

Wedway Peoplemover is the next transportation option.

The side has both Starjets and Carousel of Progress on it.

This was my overall favorite, from the Engineering department – a Disney Cruise Line bus! Last year the department created a Darth Vader pargo cart, and this bus moved similarly.

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto on the window.

The bus passes by.

Here is our video of the bus, it is a lot of fun to watch!

A Sea Raycer is next.

Mickey can be seen in the rope.

And the Up house is the last transportation mode!

Princess Tiana was in the parade, riding in a horse drawn carriage.

Princess Tiana.

One last photo of Tiana.

Here is our video of Princess Tiana.

Here is a look at the different events going on all day at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort.

And new this year, at least some of the pargo carts were parked for guests to enjoy close up.

It was nice to see the Up house from a different angle.

Thanks to the Cast Members of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort for putting on such a fun parade!