Book Review: “Cars 3: Lead the Way” Offers Inspiration for Kids

Cars 3: Lead the Way by Ace Landers is a book aimed for kids in the 6-8 age bracket, predominately featuring Lightning McQueen in a basic story that is more an inspirational book than anything else. Most pages include one line of dialogue, generally one shared sentence over two pages. There is some depth to the words though, as Lightning McQueen gives advice to new Cars 3 car Cruz Ramirez that he learned from Doc Hudson (who is also shown on many pages in the book). It’s a simple story of friendship, and about how winning isn’t everything. The illustrations are beautifully done by Garrett Taylor, an artist at Pixar Animation Studios who designed characters and environments for Cars 3. While Cars 3: Lead the Way is aimed at the 6-8 age range, kids younger will enjoy the illustrations of some of their favorite characters. And the message for kids within the words in the book – about working hard, about friendship, about facing fears – those are good messages for kicking off longer conversations.

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