Book Review: “5 Minute Racing Stories” Features Disney-Pixar “Cars” Characters in 12 Fun Stories

5-Minute Racing Stories (5-Minute Stories) just released this past week, a nearly 200 page book geared towards kids ages 8-12 (but it can be enjoyed by a much wider age range) that includes 12 different racing stories that are meant to be read in about 5 minutes each. It features not only the cars you know from the first two Pixar Cars films – especially Lightning McQueen, but the last story also introduces new cars Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm, who will figure prominently in Cars 3.

One fun aspect of the book is that the races are set in various locales, including Tokyo, Italy and Moscow (ice racing) as well as the Los Angeles International Speedway. In Germany, Mater wears “Materhosen” and the cars race through the Black Forest. In one chapter, Lightning McQueen races a female racer who cares more about the fame than sportsmanship. And Doc Hudson appears in a few chapters early in the book.

5-Minute Racing Stories (5-Minute Stories) is sold at a very attractive price point for the amount of enjoyment it will give most young readers. The illustrations are colorful and depict Radiator Springs and other locales, as well as a variety of characters. Young fans of the Disney-Pixar Cars franchise should enjoy this one.
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