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“Cars 3” Artwork & Maquette Display Available During Movie Preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Photos, Video)

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Disney-Pixar Cars 3 drives into theaters on June 16th, 2017 – and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not only showing a preview for at least the next few weeks, but also has an artwork display with several maquettes inside One Man’s Dream just before the theater. We actually didn’t end up watching the preview and probably won’t since we’ve seen a few different previews already, but I really enjoyed seeing the artwork set up in a similar fashion as it used to be at the Magic of Disney Animation building (before it became Star Wars Launch Bay). I have been photographing the concept art displays for upcoming movies since 2009 or earlier, and it is nice to continue that.

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One Man’s Dream is where all the movie previews are held, Cars 3 just started here now that Pirates of the Caribbean has opened in theaters.

Signage is up outside for Cars 3.
Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm are on the Walt Disney Theater doors.
Lightning McQueen.
The concept art display is in the center of the room before the theater. There isn’t quite the volume of artwork that we used to see at the Magic of Disney Animation, but a very nice addition to the movie preview. I always like movie concept art and tend to purchase the “Art of” books, with the Art of Cars 3 already being out in hardback and Kindle form.
Here is a look at much of the concept art in the case, plus the maquettes. Lightning McQueen is still front and center in the new movie, along with new cars Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. Cruz will be meeting guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer. You can read our article with video featuring cars Cruz and Jackson Storm along with Lightning McQueen during the Disney Springs kickoff of the Road to the Races tour.

Before the photos, here is our video of the display.

I am presenting the photos without any commentary until the end. While I have seen some previews and reviewed a couple of kids books about Cars 3, I still have not yet seen the film and don’t know what all the photos are of yet.
That is a look inside the case, and Cars 3 is also being promoted with poster art as well outside.
Banners are up for the sneak peek.
I have no idea how long the concept art will be in place, the displays change with the movie being previewed. But if you get a chance to see it, definitely stop by.
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