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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade 2017 and Western Mickey & Minnie at Disney’s Pop Century Resort (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground hosted its 2017 Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade yesterday. The golf cart parades here are always fun to watch, with the campground guests decorating their carts in unique ways. For the Fourth, there was a lot of red, white and blue, along with some Disney theming mixed in. After the golf cart parade, we headed to Disney’s Pop Century Resort to meet Mickey and Minnie in Western costumes, it seemed to fit the theme of the day.

Before sharing a handful of photos, here is our full video of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade, it has all the carts on it – including some Cast Member carts at the end of the parade.

I don’t recall ever seeing a rider on a horse leading off any parade here in the past, it was a nice touch. He also carried an American Flag. Behind him, a horse and carriage with Chip and Dale followed.

The horse and carriage with Chip and Dale.

Chip and Dale wave.

One last character photo as Chip looks toward me. I don’t remember them in any of the golf cart parades, often it has been Donald Duck.

This was a fun cart, shaped as a boat.

Minnie relaxed on top.

Sam Eagle sits on top of this cart.

He was really nicely done.

My favorite cart was The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History.

Kermit the Frog held a flag.

Sam Eagle was at the back.

We are friends with the campsite guests who decorated the cart, but we didn’t know what they’d be driving ahead of time. The Muppet theming was really fun.

The Muppets Present Great Moments in History.

Even utility vehicles were decorated, including this trash truck.

Over at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, it felt like we’d never left the campground with Mickey and Minnie in their Western costumes. These costumes were new to us!

Here is our video.

Mickey poses with a child.

We waited in line to meet both characters.

Minnie was really cute in her outfit.

Minnie blew a kiss.

And her attendant asked her to show a twirl.

We hope to have more time next year for other Fourth of July activities including fireworks, this week has been really busy – but we always try to make time for Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort during holidays, and plan to for Halloween and Christmas.