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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Christmas Decorations Arrive, Including New Echo Lake Holiday Location (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now decked out for the holidays! This isn’t the earliest the park has decorated, I have been photographing holidays at the parks and resorts for 11 years for our website and one year it was full Christmas on Halloween day. But after ten or so weeks celebrating Halloween, I am glad for the change. And speaking of changes, there are quite a few of them this year. We’ve already had a year without the Osborne Lights, and last year also saw the new Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam! projection show. This year, we will also be seeing the new Sunset Seasons Greetings projection show on the Hollywood Tower Hotel with an official start date of November 9th, 2017. That should look spectacular, but Sunset is already busy most of the time so we’ll see how it goes with crowds. When I first heard that Echo Lake would be decorated this year, I wasn’t sure what to think – but it is nice, something new. Currently there are no decorations at Pixar Place or Grand Avenue, I am not sure if there will be yet or not.

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Here is our video, and then read our article with almost 60 photos!

In previous years, Christmas started in a big way before entering into the park. The tree was out front, along with character displays around it. Now, the decorations start here at the entrance in a more sedate way.

Garland lines the entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The small Christmas trees on light poles are some of my favorite holiday decorations at Walt Disney World, and they are back.

Donald and Daisy gave each other a kiss before heading off to their meet and greets.

Santa is back above The Darkroom sign again where it says “Nikon”.

Except for one year while I have been photographing, there has been a Santa here. It hasn’t always been Nikon.

The garland has cameras on it.

Holiday garland.

This was a beautiful day for photos!

Santas in a wreath.

A lot of the window displays have changed to Christmas/holidays.

Ticket taker Daisy is dressed festively.

Mickey and Minnie.

I am sharing just a little bit of holiday merchandise in this article, mostly that which is new to me today. There are these Mickey and Minnie Christmas shirts.

A variety of holiday ears are available.

These sweater style t-shirts are a favorite of mine, this includes Mickey Mouse and a castle.

The Jingle Belles are another favorite of mine, there is a card on a Christmas tree inside the Celebrity 5&10 shop that gave them that name that offers a backstory of sorts.

More hats.

The decor inside the Celebrity 5&10 has changed some this year.

Back outside, a dog in a wreath. I think this was new for last year.

Garland hangs below this shop.

Small reindeer can be seen.

Around Echo lake, there are a lot of new decor items. That includes hanging portraits that feature Santa.

There are also reindeer portraits.

Reindeer also can be found in statue form. This one looks suspicious or nervous, I am not sure which.

These reindeer can be found near the 50’s Prime Time Cafe.

Here is one last reindeer.

Dinosaur Gertie has a Santa hat on.

Echo Lake was being filled in. There are ornaments here, along with the Christmas tree.

Bells are also on the portraits.

The umbrellas are decorated too.

The Christmas tree looks nice here, and guests can enjoy it for longer than when it stood outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Tower of Terror can be seen in the background.

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner is in view here as well. Ornaments float on the water.

Gertie and the Christmas tree.

Here is one quick photo of wreaths in the Reel Vogue shop. There isn’t a lot else of the holidays yet, and the treats were still Halloween themed.

Holiday Mode shirt.

Oh, Deer shirt.

Holiday apparel.

Stitch plush.

Sunset Blvd. will be the setting for Sunset Seasons Greetings.

This billboard is now digital.

Garland elf.

There was scaffolding on the Tower today.

Garland on Fairfax Fare.

Santas in wreaths.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios sign with the small Christmas trees in the foreground.


Reindeer portrait with Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman in the background on the Maroon Studios billboard.

Hanging plant.

More of the holidays.

Holiday merchandise display.

Looking down Hollywood Blvd. on the way out of the park.

This was fun, Perry had a pair of holiday ears on.

The Magic Kingdom should be decorated soon, Epcot still has a little ways to go with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival not ending until November 13th. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party kicks off on November 9th, as does the Sunset Seasons Greetings show! Follow Mousesteps for more around the parks and resorts through the holiday season.