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Disney’s Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel Features Lilo and Stitch for 2017; Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Gingerbread Carousel is back for its 18th year with a Lilo and Stitch theme for 2017! It is interesting to see Stitch here, he was part of the Walt Disney World Boardwalk display a number of years ago when the resort had one. Both Lilo and Stitch are molded figures. Each year is a little different with the carousel. This year also brought a new topper to the carousel in the form of Scrump, replacing Tinker Bell – she had topped the carousel almost every year since I started photographing it in 2007. Also for 2017, there are no smaller character figures under the horses and even the horse names aren’t themed in the same way they have been. For example, instead of names like Snowflake or Flurry (where the horse would be then adorned with snowflakes), the first photo here is named Dutchess – and it has the snowflakes, even without the holiday name. Last year, the horses had character names and themes, like Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

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Disney’s Beach Club Resort is an easy walk from Epcot, about 5 minutes out of the International Gateway. And if you visit the Gingerbread Carousel, I recommend walking the extra few minutes over to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort to see the train display (which we will be posting about soon as well).

It’s impossible to miss the classic carousel, which is in the middle of the lobby – and with your eyes closed, you would known it was there too. It smells wonderful!

Stitch was the first of the two characters we found. He is holding scissors and wrapping a present.

Here is a closer look at Stitch, and he has a lot of texture on him by the talented bakery team.

Stitch holds the ribbon between his teeth.

Here is our video of the display, and then check out the rest of the photos!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Gingerbread Carousel is a guest favorite and does revolve.

There are hidden Mickeys on the horses and other areas of the display.

This one is named Carol – I am not sure if that is for Christmas carol or someone’s name. There are mittens near the name.

Snowflakes are next to the mittens.

Dutchess has two hidden Mickeys around the name.

The mane of each horse is different as well, all horses beautifully crafted.

Scrump tops this year’s display!

Compass is the name of this horse. Again, I am not sure if the name comes from the new Ale & Compass, this is the first year the names weren’t obvious to me. But there are two hidden Mickeys here too.

Christmas ornaments are behind the Mickeys.

And a hidden Mickey is on this hoof.

Fleur is the next horse. Since Fleur means flower in French, I will go with that.

Molded candy canes are again part of the design this year.

There are two signs at the display.

This one says “Mele Kalikimaka” (Hawaiian for “Merry Christmas”) and that Ohana means family, and that no one is left behind or forgotten.

Lilo is also a molded figure here, holding a lei.

This is one of my favorite displays through the years.

Lilo’s feet are even crafted.

Next to Lilo is a Lilo and Stitch themed horse. The outfit of the horse is similar to Lilo, and the greenery looks like a hula skirt.

The horse is named Lillikoi. The saddle says “Ohana” and features a hidden Mickey and seashells. I think I see a smaller Mickey in there too.

Stitch looks like he is riding a wave here.

From the back, which is harder to see, there is a record with Elvis written on it.

The Lilo and Stitch themed horse from the side, with the back of Lilo’s head next to it.

Disney’s Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel is presented by the Yacht and Beach Club Bakery and Engineering Team for year 18. It includes 36 pounds of honey, 96 pounds of bread flour, 100 pints of eggs, 10 pounds of spices, 10 quarts of simple syrup, 150 pounds of icing, 50 pounds of dark chocolate, 50 pounds of modeling chocolate, 200 gum paste flowers, 2017 pieces of gingerbread (for it being the year 2017), 18 hidden Mickeys and “Lots of enthusiasm, energy and talent”.

From the second floor, it is a great angle to see the display from.

There is a hidden Mickey in the “snow”.

This is a closer look at the Mickey Mouse head.

In addition to Disney’s Beach Club Carousel and Disney’s Yacht Club Train Display, head over to the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel for their lifesize Santa chocolate display! There is a lot to see around the Boardwalk.