Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Photo Update from February 4th, 2018 as 15-Story Tower is Being Built

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a grey and rainy day, but we stopped at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and I took some photos of the construction that will be a large part of expanding the resort. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is being “reimagined” with a 15-story tower being built that will include a two-story grand lobby. There will also be 500 new guest rooms with concierge level suites and a rooftop restaurant. The resort has never been a typical moderate Walt Disney World resort due to its large convention facility. Aspects of the resort – a health club, beauty salon, upgraded dining and such – all of that has generally been part of the Deluxe resort experience but within a moderate. I do expect the resort classification to change when it is finished.

I don’t know how the feel of the resort will change once all changes are made, the concept art is very different in theme to what the longtime moderate resort has offered. But the offerings as far as resort lodging vs. the convention facilities have always been a little uneven and the new accomodations should be very welcome. Here is a look at some photos from yesterday.

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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort was not too busy yesterday, there was a moderately sized crowd at Rix Lounge for the Super Bowl (if I was wanting to watch on property, I think that would have been a great choice).

This is how the tower construction looks while driving in.

The tower rises next to the El Centro main building.

Once inside the lobby, there has been concept art for the re-imagined resort that is scheduled to be finished in summer 2019.

There is more than just the tower coming as well, but that is really the main change.

Construction is where a portion of the Cabanas was. Honestly, the construction currently doesn’t seem to effect much as far as guest experience. I expect there is some noise during the day when it’s not pouring rain – but overall, the resort feels the same as usual. That will change as more is refurbished but I am not sure when that will happen.

Here are some photos while walking along the bridge.

The tower is shown on the sign here as well.

Looking across Lago Dorado.

There is also work being done at Casitas 3.

Here is one last look at the construction from the parking lot.

Are you looking forward to the changes at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort?