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13 Things to See and Do at Pixar Fest 2018 at the Disneyland Resort

Hi everyone!

Pixar Fest is now underway at the Disneyland Resort, a celebration spanning both parks through September 3rd, 2018! This is a really fun event, one that lasts almost a full five months. While I don’t find it quite as encompassing as Halloween Time last year, there is a lot to see and do. And on June 23rd, Pixar Pier officially opens – so that will make the Pixar presence even bigger to coincide with the event. While we were at the Disneyland Resort, a Pixar themed shop called Knick’s Knacks opened and that was a really nice bonus. We will have photos and video of that up soon as well.

Here are my 13 things to see and do during Pixar Fest!

1: See the Paint the Night Parade: This crowd-pleasing parade is back after a year and a half! Paint the Night has moved to Disney California Adventure and lost the Frozen float in the process – but we should see the new float featuring The Incredibles in June. This is my favorite parade and I am so glad to have it back! I recommend watching from the Paradise Gardens area, that is where the parade begins and we found it less crowded than other locations.

Our full video of Paint the Night.
Rosetta and Tinker Bell.
2: Watch “Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”  from different angles: This is a fantastic fireworks show, one that the crowds I’ve been around also really enjoyed. But if you are close to Sleeping Beauty Castle, you will miss projections and other elements on Main Street. If you are far back on Main Street, it is harder to see Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Up balloon and more. I recommend multiple showings if you have time.  And remember at Disneyland, sometimes fireworks do not run due to wind. See it early and often, don’t wait until the last night if you have multiple days in the parks.
Our full video of “Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”.
3: View the Pixar Play Parade – While the Paint the Night parade has moved to Disney California Adventure, the Pixar Play Parade is now at Disneyland. The parade itself has a few new floats, including the quickly popular Russell from Up on Kevin. Joy and Sadness with Bing Bong from Inside Out are also new. There IS water being squirted at the crowd during this parade, so watch your cameras and anything else you don’t want wet.
Our full video of Pixar Play Parade.
4:  Meet characters at Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure – Guests can meet some of their favorite “Pixar Pals” at Paradise Gardens! We met a total of 11 here, five duo characters who rotated during the day (Mr. and Mrs. Incredible; Flik and Atta; Dug and Russell; Woody and Buzz and Mike and Sulley). Jessie was a walk-around character each of the few days we stopped by, except for once meeting with Buzz. There were only three sets of characters each day we visited, so unless that changes, you won’t see everyone in one day and guests aren’t guaranteed any specific characters. When in line, Cast Members let everyone know they will meet “Pixar Pals”. Also, Paradise Gardens offers entertainment, an AP Corner, food and more.
Pixar Pals at Paradise Garden.
Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.
Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.
Meeting Flick and Atta.
5: Plan to try special food items – By plan, I mean read this post from Disney about what special foods you can find around Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Disneyland was so over-the-top in the best way during Halloween Time in creating foods themed to the holiday. While I don’t find Pixar Fest quite to that level, there is a lot being offered. You will not want to miss the Alien Macaron at Alien Pizza Planet (temporarily changed from Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port). The macaron has lemon and blackberry filling, with the dominant flavor being lemon. And it seems like every day I found new items, including the Mater and Lightning McQueen candy apples.
Alien Macaron – it’s big! – next to my Gelatoni Tsum to show size.
Mater and Lightning McQueen candy apples and Pixar cake pops.
6: Visit Alien Pizza Planet – This is overall a nice overlay of Redd Rockett’s with more to see than I expected. There are also some special food items and at least one other dessert. Chicken Fusilli is still on the menu! Alien Pizza Planet is supposed to be only be part of Pixar Fest, but Red Rose Taverne took over Village Haus temporarily and it still there…so we’ll see!
Our Alien Pizza Planet tour video and Alien Macaron.
7: Have your photo taken with Woody and Buzz Lightyear as Cars at the front of Cars Land – The photo op in front of Cars Land during Pixar Fest is Woody and Buzz as Cars, with Woody being a “woodie” car. There are also posters in Cars Land that are fun, and include these Woody and Buzz cars on one.
Buzz and Woody in Cars Land.
8: Buy special merchandise – There is a variety of merchandise for everyone as well as Passholder exclusive items – we picked up a Tervis stainless steel tumbler and a few other items. Some merchandise can be found at restaurants, like a ceramic Coco mug and a Remy spoon. The Coco mug is very popular and has been sold out for a couple of days this week, so if you see it, buy it.
Pixar Fest merchandise at the newly opened Knick’s Knacks.
9: Stop by Blue Sky Cellar to learn about the upcoming Pixar Pier – Blue Sky Cellar re-opened on April 13th (along with Pixar Fest) and features Pixar Pier concept art and models – it’s been busy, so try to stop by early in the day or just before closing. There is a short movie on the creation of Pixar Pier. Spend some time looking at the model, there are fun details on it.
Pixar Pier model.
Our Blue Sky Cellar Full Video Tour.
10:  Enjoy Pixar entertainment around the parks – There is a live band in Paradise Gardens, the Dapper Dans sing Pixar songs, and you can watch Pixar shorts at Disney California Adventure (the models and posters were of more interest to me since we have Pixar shorts at Walt Disney World).
Dapper Dans sing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.
Pixar Shorts Film Festival Concept Art & Maquette Display.
11: Shop at Knick’s Knacks for Pixar merchandise – Knick’s Knacks just opened on what will soon be Pixar Pier! Not only is there a ton of Pixar merchandise, but there is also a ton of concept art and more to see around the store. It is located across what is currently the Cove Bar and will soon be the Lamplight Lounge.
Knick Knack’s concept art, decor and merchandise.
12: – Find more Pixar theming around the resort – From the Pixar decorated monorails to stylized Pixar character decorations in Downtown Disney, you will find more Pixar theming to enjoy as you spend time at the Disneyland Resort.
Pixar themed monorail.
Decorations in Downtown Disney.
13: Visit Bugs Land before it closes forever. – This wasn’t on my original list, but Bugs Land will be closing this summer to make way for a Marvel themed area. This is the time to get that last ride on Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train!
The end of Bugs Land is near.
There is plenty of time to enjoy Pixar Fest, it runs nearly 5 months through September 3rd, 2018.