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Review: New Belle’s Dress Seasonal Cupcake at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot

Hi everyone!

Sunshine Seasons at The Land in Epcot has a new seasonal cupcake as of this past week, a Belle’s dress cupcake. For as often as I talk about cupcakes, I don’t actually buy many at Walt Disney World. This particular cupcake was too pretty not to purchase, with plenty of frosting if you like that (I do). The flavor profile wasn’t one that I would ordinarily choose – lemon frosting with chocolate cake and a cherry compote inside. The cake itself is like a Black Forest Cake with the cherries, and then a ton of lemon frosting on top. The bodice is a fondant, it is probably tasteless but the lemon frosting ended up on it, so it tasted like lemon for me. The bottom with the cake looked squished, probably under the weight of all the frosting.

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This is what the cupcake looked like in the case.

The fondant top probably needed a good deal of frosting to stay upright. The lemon wasn’t too tart and ended up going really well with the chocolate and cherries. I was surprised at that, I like lemon but don’t buy sweet lemon items much and cherries are just so-so for me. But the combination here is delicious, one of the better cupcakes I have had at Walt Disney World.

Here is a look from the other side.

It was hard to get a good photo of the inside, but you can see the cherries. It is a big cupcake, we split it 3 ways.

I don’t know how long Sunshine Seasons will have the cupcake, but I recommend it. It is $5.99.