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Magic Kingdom Halloween Decorations Arrive for 2018 Season; Detailed Look at Themed Pumpkins

Hi everyone!

We went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday to check out the Halloween decorations that were up – more is being added each day as the first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party of the year kicks off on Friday, August 17th, 2018. It is the earliest ever for the Party! This will be my 12th year sharing photos on Mousesteps and I will first write up my yearly tips article. I had 23 tips for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party last year, hopefully I won’t be exceeding that for 2018! That should be up this weekend, I never write it before attending.

The pumpkins this year aren’t really different than last year, except a few pumpkins are missing due to some work on Main Street buildings. My favorite pumpkin is always the restroom pumpkin near the Main Street Fire Station and that isn’t out right now. And even though I do share these decorations every year, I like to talk about the pumpkins because many are themed to location or even to the windows on Main Street honoring Imagineers and others who have been instrumental in creating the park. This weekend I will post scarecrows and other decorations that arrive, in an article with my Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party photos.

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Signage went up in the past week outside of the park for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Foliage garland and Mickey pumpkins are on the way in. The Mickey floral wasn’t yet ready in front of the Main Street Train Station nor were the big pumpkins in Town Square.

The Mickey pumpkins on poles can be found all the way down Main Street, and they should be at the hub now or tomorrow as well.

Here is our video of the pumpkins, and then a look at many of them in photos.

Hanging Halloween decor also can be found on buildings.

There do seem to be some new wreaths and decorations this year – the garland here doesn’t look new but the wreaths may be.

There are Halloween treats for sale in the Main Street Confectionery, those went out a number of days ago.

One of my favorite pumpkins out is the snowman pumpkin, which has been here for years.

There are pumpkins in this area as well. To the left of this location is the Main Street Fire Station, which is being worked on and several pumpkins (a dalmatian, a fire hydrant and the restroom pumpkin) were not there yesterday.

There are a trio of pumpkins above the Harmony Barber Shop, sometimes there are three and sometimes there is a full barbershop quartet (like there was last year).

Judy Hopps and a Mickey pumpkin.

The Main Street Emporium is decked out with decorations.

There aren’t pumpkins in this area, Tony’s used to have Lady and the Tramp pumpkins but not in maybe 7 or 8 years now.

The Main Street Confectionery.

There is a lollipop pumpkin at the Confectionery.

The Art of Disney which used to (many years ago) be the Main Street Cinema has pumpkins that include ones themed to the cinema.

Another of my favorite pumpkins is here, the Mickey film strip.

There is a clown pumpkin above the sign that says Arcade.

There is a witch pumpkin.

This looks like Jack Skellington with a key.

And there is a spider pumpkin. These three pumpkins are on the newer side, at least a few years old.

These four pumpkins always remind me of The Wizard of Oz.

The inside of the Emporium was not yet decorated nor were any windows on Main Street yet. The windows that will be of most note are usually at the Emporium (though there is a scrim up now) and the Confectionery.

Take a quick look down Center Street and you will find themed pumpkins here as well.

I forgot to take a photo of the windows here, but I think it is a school house and this is a pencil. I will check my previous articles for that.

This is a music note on a pumpkin, also themed to the windows where music and dance is noted.

Disney balloons and Main Street decorations.

Above Uptown Jewelers is an engagement ring on a pumpkin.

Roy E. Disney was known for his love of sailing, and the two pumpkins here are themed to that. One looks like a Disney Cruise Line pumpkin.

The other is a sailboat.

The House of Magic had a different name previously, Hall of Champions (sports themed). So the pumpkins are designed for that. There is no magic here, by the way – it is apparel and such.

There is a baseball and HOC for Hall of Champions above the shop.

And a soccer ball and football sit atop the store. Maybe new pumpkins are in order, since most guests won’t remember the previous shop as much.

I don’t remember this particular pumpkin, and I am not sure if it has more to do with the newer theme or not at all.

Last year there was a new pumpkin or two and I wasn’t sure I understood what was on it/them – I didn’t even post the pumpkin/s so I don’t know if there were one or two. But now, there are two pumpkins themed to an elephant – I thought that was what it was last year but that is definitely what they are as they are part of Sully’s Safaris. This window honors Disney Legend Bill “Sully” Sullivan, who worked at The Jungle Cruise in Disneyland for several years at the beginning of his career.

The pumpkins equal one elephant.

The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is all about the themed pumpkins. Everything here is ice cream related.

This looks to be spilled ice cream.

An ice cream sundae.

Ice cream with a cherry on top.

The pumpkins are on both sides of the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

Casey’s Corner also has a lot of pumpkins that are baseball related as far as the sport or food.

French fries and peanuts are on these pumpkins.


French fries.

Hot dog pumpkin.

Baseball bats.

The other side of Casey’s has pumpkins but just faces.

This one always reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

The Plaza Restaurant has a few pumpkins as well.

These look like barbershop type singers too.

There are a few more decorations to be found as of yesterday.

The sea serpent topiary is in a bed of fall colored flowers.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments has garland up. The restaurant used to have a fun Ichabod Crane pumpkin, it’d be great to see that back again.

I don’t remember these wreaths, they are huge! Liberty Square has a decent amount of decorations, more than I remember.

It is hard to show how big these wreaths are at the Liberty Square Ticket Office, but you can see they cover whole windows.

I don’t remember this garland before.

This is at the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Pumpkin decorations can be found in the hub and in Liberty Square.

Cinderella Castle on a pretty day.

See Ya Real Soon is above the exit again this year.

Mickey pumpkin.

Looking back at the hub.

And one last look down Main Street, U.S.A.

We will be sharing so much Halloween this weekend, from our Instagram and Twitter accounts to articles and videos. Keep watching Mousesteps everywhere for all the details! We also will be bringing you Halloween at Disneyland Paris this year starting on October 1st.