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Discover the Details in Disney’s Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel for 2018 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel has been installed for the season at Disney’s Beach Club Resort! In the ten years I’ve posted about it, the carousel itself has remained a constant – but the themes of the horses and displays around it have changed yearly. For example, 2017 was more of a Lilo and Stitch theme. 2017 was also the first year I can remember the names of the horses not always having an overt meaning. In 2016, the horses were named and themed after Disney characters. In previous years, they often had names like Snowflake or Nick for St. Nick, or Winter. So each year is a fun surprise. This year, Donald and Daisy take center stage in the 19th year of the display.

This is the third Walt Disney World gingerbread display I’ve written about this season. The first, a Cinderella themed display at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, opened on November 1st, 2018. Then Disney’s Grand Floridian opened its iconic Gingerbread House two weeks later.

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To get to Disney’s Beach Club Resort, you can walk outside of Epcot through the International Gateway. It is about a 5-7 minute walk from there.

Disney’s Gingerbread Carousel is made from 36 pounds of honey, 96 pounds of bread flower, 100 pints of eggs, 10 pounds of spices, 10 quarts of simple syrup, 150 pounds of icing, 50 pounds of dark chocolate, 50 pounds of modeling chocolate, 200 gum paste flowers and 2019 pieces of gingerbread! There are 19 hidden Mickeys. This is presented by Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Bakery and Engineering teams.

This is your first look at Donald and Daisy here, they figure into several areas of the display.

Here is our video and then plenty of photos and information!

This is the sign with similar information.

Disney’s Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel smells wonderful each year in the lobby.

This horse is named Donald Duck.

Here is his name, and a hidden Mickey underneath it. Some of the accents look like Mickeys too.

Donald has blue eyes.

He carries gifts for Dewey, Daisy and Louie.

Daisy Duck also carries gifts.

Donald Duck is the name on a gift on Daisy, along with her nieces April, May and June. I had no idea until now she had nieces!

Next up is Merra.

I don’t know if the name Merra has a meaning here.

The horse has beautiful gold designs and a Mickey in the wreath.

Another name that isn’t wintery or a character is Harper.

Harper has a Mickey next to the candy canes.

Harper carries musical instruments.

The mane and tail look like candy cane ribbons.

A close up look at his tail.

Beyond Harper, you can see snowflakes and other accents on the gingerbread.

There is another gingerbread sign here.

It says thank you for visiting and directs guests to Disney’s Beach Club Marketplace.

There is one more horse, it is off the carousel.

This horse is named Ginger.

There is a pole with Disney’s Beach Club Resort noted on it.

Ginger also has the resort name on the front.

Mickey and Minnie receive stockings.

This is the other side of Ginger.

There are decorations like Santa, a reindeer, Christmas tree and more.

The North Pole sign and a hidden Mickey.

Here is a look from above.

Do you see the hidden Mickey in the snow? I don’t believe these count in the hidden Mickey count, I think it’s just the small gold Mickeys – there are more around the carousel like the one in the previous photo.

Donald and Daisy are the topper this year. And there is another Mickey beneath them.

In Disney’s Beach Club Marketplace, a small selection of treats are being sold – including this cookie.

There is bark and a fruit cake.

And a gingerbread shingle.

We will have more from the gingerbread and other displays around Walt Disney World coming up! Disney’s Boardwalk Resort should have a gingerbread display, the America pavilion at Epcot has one, and Amorette’s will as well. Keep following along!