“Captain Marvel” Press Conference in Beverly Hills Brings Out Cast and Filmmakers (Including Full Video)

Hi everyone!

We sent our reporter out to the Captain Marvel press conference yesterday in Beverly Hills. Cast and filmmakers in attendance were Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Gemma Chan, Lashana Lynch, Clark Gregg, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck as well as producer Kevin Feige. Our reporter enjoyed the film, we can’t give a review on it yet but he gave me an emoji thumbs-up immediately on text when I asked his thoughts (and more after). I look forward to seeing it soon! Here is our full video along with my article below. There is almost 40 minutes of press conference and I shared just a few highlights in the article.

Kevin Feige was asked first about how he chose Boden and Fleck to direct Captain Marvel. He met with them a number of times and Feige said that it wasn’t just from those meetings, but their body of work that got them the job. Also he said, “It’s their focus on character.” He wanted to make sure in the midst of the effects and spectacle, that the character didn’t get lost.  Anna also “spoke very eloquently about Carol Danvers”.
Brie Larson discussed what she loved about her character (Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel). Larson answered, “There’s a lot to love about her, which is why I was really excited to do this. In particular the idea of playing a superhero or a female superhero in particular – because my interest is in female complexity, I was a little worried about playing somebody…a superhero that would be perfect”. She continued that she didn’t feel that it would be realistic and how even within her job as an actor, the end result isn’t how the filming went. “You get to see this beautiful finished product where I look great…maybe, if in your opinion (to laughter). But you don’t know all the other takes that are on the cutting room floor where…sometimes I landed on my face doing stunts”. She feels that Carol Danvers is relatable. She said that the role was very emotional for her and she sobbed in the gym many times.
Clark Gregg was asked what it was like being part of the film after the Agents of Shield storyline (the host commented, “We’re all a little confused” before saying, “You’re back!”). Gregg joked, “I’m confused myself.” Then he continued, “It wasn’t a long conversation. They said, ‘Hey, do you want to come back, it’s the 90s – cool soundtrack, Ryan and Anna, a little origin buddy stuff with Sam. And they’re going to give you more hair and make you look younger. Oh – and Brie Larson is going to be Captain Marvel'”. He jumped on the movie, saying “Okay, where do I go?”
Gregg drew a lot of “awwws” from the audience with his comment about his daughter. “I’ve gotten the thrill of taking my young daughter to a bunch of Marvel movies, but I’m taking a 17 year-old young woman to see Captain Marvel next week and I’ve never been more excited to take her to anything, ever”.
There is so much more in our press conference video above. Captain Marvel releases in theaters on March 8th, 2019.