Miguel Puppet Joins Mariachi Cobre at Epcot for “The Story of Coco” Show (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Miguel is now appearing in puppet form at Epcot, performing during one song with Mariachi Cobre in “The Story of Coco” show that is presented by the longtime Epcot mariachi band. The schedule for the show seems to be daily except for Mondays and Tuesdays, and the hours vary a little – for example, the next few days have 11:30 a.m. listed for the first show – after that, it seems to be 11:00 a.m. I also thought it might just run for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, but the schedule right now is online through August. Definitely check the hours just before your trip! The show itself runs about 22 minutes, and Miguel appears for maybe 5 minutes of that. The show is literally the story of Coco, told through the music of the film, dancers and props.

Miguel and his puppeteer arrive for the first show of the year, on Wednesday (March 6th, 2019).

We’ve seen Miguel before, at Disneyland Paris. There he has mostly been a meet and greet character, during the Halloween season. He also debuted this past year in a show at Disney California Adventure called “A Musical Celebration of Coco” around Halloween Time, hopefully he will appear again. The movie and character are just so popular.

Here is our video of the full show, with more information and photos following.

A guest brought some Coco plush animals with her, including Dante. Mariachi Cobre posed with him.

Mariachi Cobre has been here since Epcot opened. They are a popular part of the park and even more popular right now with this show.

One of the members of Mariachi Cobre tells the story of Coco.

Mariachi Cobre are joined by two folklorico dancers as we’ve seen during Christmas, but this time reenacting the story of Coco.

The music and dancing really are wonderful in the show.

An Ernesto De La Cruz banner is unrolled.

This ofrenda was brought out.

The dancers have a variety of props that help tell the story.

A photo of Hector is added to the ofrenda, along with Mamá Coco.

Miguel arrives toward the end of the show with his puppeteer.

He performs along with Mariachi Cobre.

Here is a video of Miguel during a meet and greet and walking around (plus in the show).

He is really lifelike, just as the other Miguel puppets we’ve seen are. He opens and closes his eyes, stretches out his hand, and just generally is a fantastic puppet.

The show is finishing up.

Miguel and a member of Mariachi Cobre share a high five.

There was no meet and greet after the first show. After the second, they gave about 5 minutes for guests to meet them. There were a number of aspects changed yesterday, including this – so I expect more tweaks in the coming days.

Miguel and his puppeteer head out.

Originally, it seemed Miguel wasn’t going to be visible to guests before and after the show. But instead, Miguel walked to the show and back, stopping to greet guests. What I like about the last photo here is it shows how there is now a character that can look at children at their level. That is really fun!

I recommend seeing the first show if you can when you visit. It should be much less busy since World Showcase isn’t generally crowded yet. Later in the day, World Showcase can fill up with guests on busy days.