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Magic Kingdom Easter Pre-Parade 2019 Photos & Video at Walt Disney World

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom Easter Pre-Parade is back again this year with a few small changes – it’s always fun to see new costumes! This is our tenth year posting about the pre-parade, both in photos and video. The Easter Pre-Parade kicks off from the Splash Mountain area at 2:40 p.m. before Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade. Here are photos and video from today!

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The weather today was perfect for the pre-parade! Yesterday was very rainy but brought beautiful, cooler weather.

Here is our full video and then photos!

These are new performer costumes for the Cast Members holding the front and back banners. Prior, the performers wore Victorian style costumes.

The Cast Members have ears and then whiskers. They also have cottontails, I will show that later.

The Fantasia ostriches and hippos are back as they have been for years now.

I took photos from two angles, mostly near Cinderella Castle and the other in Town Square.

One of the ostriches.

Here is one last look at hippos and ostriches.

There is another new costume this year, I am not even sure what to call it – but it’s like an Easter egg.

The costume is festive and fun!

This is a look from the side.

Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny are in the Grand Marshal car this year. The car is decorated with eggs.

Daisy Duck leads the Azalea Trail Maids, a group of fifty high school seniors chosen each year to serve as ambassadors for the city of Mobile, Alabama.

Daisy Duck has had her own Azalea Trail Maid costume for years now.

Each year, the Azalea Trail Maids have been part of the Easter Pre-Parade.

Their costumes are so colorful!

There are a number of different outfit colors for the Azalea Trail Maids.

The Azalea Trail Maids head toward Cinderella Castle.

Next up are performers in flower and butterfly costumes. This is a fairly recent addition in the past few years or so.

It is nice to see changes through the years.

The gazebo float has had different characters through the last 10 years, but Rabbit, White Rabbit, Thumper and Miss Bunny are pretty standard characters for it. We have seen Nick and Judy on it, and Abby Mallard with Chicken Little many years ago.


Rabbit and White Rabbit.

The gazebo float moves toward Cinderella Castle.

The chicken dancers are next. They have been here around 5 or so years now.

Clara Cluck is behind them.

Clara poses.

The performers holding the back banner are in similar costumes to the ones at the parade beginning, but are in different colors.

Check out the bunny shape on the pants.

And the cotton tail.

And in Town Square, one last view of the Azalea Trail Maids.

And now that we are in year 10 of posting the Easter Pre-Parade, here is the first one we posted in 2010!

Thank you for reading! This is always an enjoyable parade to share.