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Otters are back at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park at Otter Grotto (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Otter Grotto opened over a week ago at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It has been a year or so since we’ve seen otters at the park, so it is nice to see them back!

This is our video taken over a couple of days last week – it gives a tour of the area as well, while my photos focus on the otters themselves.

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Otter Grotto is at Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, in the same area as the otters were previously. It is sponsored by Otterbox.

There are several different viewing locations to see the otters. I prefer the top left, since there are no windows and it offers a good view around the habitat. Sometimes they are not visible, or in a location where only one viewing area can see them.

Two otters swim. I think this photo was taken in the shaded area downstairs, I didn’t generally see many otters when down there.

There is a slide, and during this photo, they chose not to go down fully.

This was their limit and then they turned around. Our video does have all the otters heading down it.

The otters are adorable!

One of the otters leaves the water.

I’ve been at the Otter Grotto for a couple of hours or so total, and the otters often have been all together whether it is swimming, going down the slide or sleeping. They spent quite a bit of time resting a few mornings back. This photo is from the right side viewing area.

One last otter photo.

Definitely stop by the Otter Grotto next time you are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!