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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Gran Destino Tower & Villa Del Lago Update – May, 2019

Hi everyone!

The 15-story Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is moving along as it approaches its July 9th, 2019 opening. The tower will be the new entrance to the resort, with a 2-story lobby in a building that will include 545 new guest rooms and suites (a total of 2,385 for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort when it opens). I’ve said before that this is a long time coming, as the convention center at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is huge and needs more deluxe accomodations and facilities. When there isn’t a large convention here, this should be a fantastic “moderate” to stay at, I am not even sure what the classification on Disney’s Coronado Springs will be after the tower opens as it already is an upgraded moderate with a fitness center, incredible pool area and extra dining options over other moderate resorts.

We’ve been posting updates over the months and there were some changes that I noticed yesterday. Here is Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort from yesterday! (Our last update was April 24th, 2019)

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Here is our video and then the photos!

When we approached the resort, I was thinking this sign wouldn’t be here much longer as the theming has changed over the last year or so. What I didn’t realize at that time was that this is a temporary sign. I am not sure when that happened, but it was the first time we noticed it.

Here is a look close up.

There is still more to go outside at the resort in the next 7 or so weeks. It is hard to believe the tower will be opening soon!

Here is a look at the side of the tower.

One last look at the front.

Disney has made sure that the main tower blends with El Centro in that the colors of the original building have been muted – it used to be more of a pink color.


There are more whites, blues and beiges just like the Gran Destino Tower.

The wall still is here, as the covered walkway is being built from the tower to El Centro. I wasn’t sure if El Centro would keep its name but there is new signage that includes it that I will show later.

Here is a look at the Gran Destino Tower in concept art that is out – the former colors of the original building are still on it.

The covered walkway is being worked on to the immediate right as we approach the tower.

This area should be an event lawn soon, and the covered walkway is to the right.

I will be showing the work on the walkway from different angles.

Looking back from this bridge.

From the concept art, it looks like this might be a planter for a palm tree.

From certain angles, the tower is partially blocked by palm trees.

There are rocks on the shoreline on this side.


Here are a few more pictures looking toward the covered walkway work.

The former pink dome on the main building is brown, which is something I hadn’t thought too much about until the last couple of visits but it was painted in 2018.

I have always really liked these orange flowers at the resort.

The design above.

A squirrel was looking for food.

Another look across the water.

The dome here is the same color as the main dome now at El Centro.

Signage has been added recently to the Three Bridges area.

I mentioned earlier that I wasn’t sure if I should still call the main building El Centro, but it is on a new sign. And then The Dig Site, Casitas, Ranchos and Cabanas are all noted here.

The Convention Center also has a sign. This is in the Villa Del Lago/Three Bridges location.

I was asked if I thought Three Bridges Bar & Grill/Villa Del Lago will open early, but I don’t know – and we are only like 7 weeks away now from the Gran Destino Tower opening so it won’t be that early if it is.

Here is a look at the fountain.

Villa Del Lago is the name of this complex inside of Lago Dorado, with the Three Bridges Bar & Grill as part of it. It will be nice when the bridges open up to guests!

There are wind chimes here.

Each of the bridges has a seating area with benches and covering.

I have shown the artwork and name here in other updates, it has been on the building for a month or two now.

This is the concept art, which looks very much like the finished product.

Villa Del Lago.

Here is a view of both Villa Del Lago and the Gran Destino Tower.

And a look from above.

The Gran Destino Tower from a more elevated area.

The Tower of Terror can be seen from this angle. I look forward to seeing the rooftop view!

And the Three Bridges Bar & Grill is named for these three bridges, you can see them better from above as they meet at Villa Del Lago.

Workers were inside and there is artwork on the walls.

The outdoor map for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort still mentions the Pepper Market, which became El Mercado de Coronado late last year.

Also, merchandise at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is changing over. New merchandise is coming in, and the more colorful merchandise on that shelf above will be probably leaving soon.

New Mickey shaped pin.

The map that is given out is correct in what is there and what is coming, including the Three Bridges Bar & Grill.

It won’t be long until this is not the resort check-in area anymore. The hidden Mickey still is there!

There is a movie shown near the check-in area featuring a variety of concept art. Here is a look at some of that.

And the back wall of the reception area offers a look at the upcoming reception. It will be VERY different.

We probably will post another update in mid-June, just weeks before the Gran Destino Tower opens.