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Review: Forky Petit Cake at Amorette’s Patissierie in Disney Springs

Hi everyone!

Last week, Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs began selling a Forky Petit Cake just before Toy Story 4 debuted. We picked it up on Friday when seeing the movie for a second time, it was actually my first petite cake purchase at Amorette’s. The combination of ingredients were too tempting and Forky is adorable! We took photos with our Forky Funko POP!, which is also cute. The Forky Petit Cake is a limited time item at Amorette’s, I don’t know until when but the cake has already proved very popular. It costs $16.00 plus tax.

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There is a sign outside Amorette’s for the cake.

It is nice to have the cake so nicely boxed and bagged.

On the top is Toy Story 4.

The cake consists of layers of chocolate chiffon cake, brownie and chocolate chip diplomat cream. It is not too heavy of a chocolate flavor and reminds me in consistency of a tiramisu. I haven’t had chiffon cake in forever so tiramisu was my first thought.

The cake is very soft to cut into but the exterior really held it together well until then.

Here is the inside. The cake is really delicious, with plenty of cream.

There is also a Forky eclair, which is less expensive but still cute.

Stop by Amorette’s for the Forky Petit Cake while it is available! Amorette’s Patissierie is at Disney Springs not far from World of Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Can’t get enough of Forky? During the Toy Story 4 press junket, Woody held onto Forky in a private party at Toy Story Land and we have video below that includes them and other Toy Story characters. We also have press conference videos and merchandise videos on our channel.