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The Lion King and Jungle Festival Offers Unique Food Through September 22nd, 2019 at Disneyland Paris

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The Lion King and Jungle Festival officially kicks off in just a couple of days at Disneyland Paris! This new festival features a variety of experiences and I can’t wait to visit in September. We should have some video to share with you in just a few days as well. But in addition to experiences, there is also a major food element including an African-inspired menu at Hakuna Matata Restaurant and then a variety of other items during the park. Hopefully we will enjoy lunch with Rafiki and Mickey at Hakuna Matata! Read below for the press releases.

All photos courtesy of Disneyland Paris

During the Lion King and Jungle Festival, guests will enjoy an exotic meal at Hakuna Matata Restaurant and dive into an African atmosphere for a tantalizing lunch with Rafiki and Mickey.

To extend the adventure into the plate, the Hakuna Matata Restaurant will be the setting of a unique and immersive experience that will invite its guests to a meal with exotic flavors in the world of the Lion King. An experience included in the Signature Experience package The Lion King.

Between 11 am and 3 pm, the restaurant will offer an African-inspired menu that will awaken the taste buds of our guests. On the menu: yassa sauce chicken, broken rice, plantain bananas, beef balls, sautéed shrimp, raw vegetable salad and sweet and sour peanuts. A vegan alternative and a special menu for the young cubs will also be available. For dessert, a Simba ice cream cone with exotic fruits!

Have a lion-sized appetite? Then be prepared to feast on delicious new delights inspired by The Lion King legend. This is your chance to discover a host of Pride Rock specials, from new exotic dishes in our buffet restaurants to an authentic, hearty African Platter or a fun Simba Shake. But only during The Lion King & Jungle Festival, so be sure to pounce on them before it’s too late.

Sink your teeth into some rare Pride Rock snacks

Feed your explorer’s instinct with some roarsome hot and cold, sweet and savoury Pride Rock snacks from outposts near Djembe Joy Village in Disneyland® Park – only during The Lion King & Jungle Festival. From a deliciously cooling Coco-Cookie Ice Cream to a melt-in-your-mouth Pride Rock Croq, there’s something tasty for hungry lions of all sizes.

Indulge in two new Lion King shakes at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

Take a deserved break from the wild and treat your sweet tooth to two new, irresistible shakes at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A.®. One’s a vanilla and praline paste Simba Shake, the other a banana and Nutella® Pumbaa Shake. They’re so good you won’t want to share them…except on social media with #DisneyWildFestival!

Discover a taste of Africa at Restaurant Hakuna Matata with Mickey & Rafiki

Step inside a ‘worry-free’ habitat for a mouthwatering lunch while Rafiki and explorer Mickey pop over for high fives and hugs. Fuel up for an afternoon of adventure by tucking into an authentic chicken and plantain African Platter before cooling off with a Simba-themed Exotic Paradise Ice Cream. This menu is only available for lunch during The Lion King & Jungle Festival, so visit now, before it’s too late!

Complete list of products:

Outdoor kiosks

Savannah Chicken Strips
Exotic fruit salade
Pride Rock Croq’
Coco-Cookie ice-cream
Zebralicious Donut
Safari Macarons
Savannah banana bread
Mango Whip
Lion Tartelette
Choco-coco lollipaw
Pawsome chocolate print


Wild Marble Cake
Shrimp and Pineapple Millet Salad
Smoked Chicken and Pineapple Millet Salad
African Peanut Soup
Yassa Chicken
Savannah Style Poulet DG
Mahi-Mahi Wrap
African Vegetable Stew
The Pride Coco Rock
Wild Mango Cake
Zebra Macaroon
Sweet & Wild Macaron
Exotic fruit salad
Mango Baba 
Tropical Paw Mousse
Lion Tartelette
Rhezail Horns – Oriental pastry

Annette’s Diner

Tribe Burger

Victoria’s Homestyle Restaurant

Simba Shake
Pumbaa Shake