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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Fourth of July 2019 Golf Cart Parade Photos & Video

Hi everyone!

We spent a few hours at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground for the Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade and to catch up with friends. This is our tenth year posting about various golf cart parades at the resort, and I think our fourth Fourth of July. The guests at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground decorate carts and Disney adds some magic with characters and other surprises. Here are some photos and a video from yesterday!

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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground has a number of activities on the Fourth of July, and had a Fun Run on July 3rd. I didn’t realize Clementine’s Beach would still be open for activities, there is a fair bit of construction at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground although it didn’t effect the parade.
Before the parade started, I thought this Forky was really well done!
Here is our full video of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade from this year. There were SO many golf carts in it! Fortunately the rain held off, I think it even stepped off a few minutes early in anticipation of the weather.

A rider on horseback holds a flag.
Mickey and Minnie are in the carriage.
Mickey waves.
They also waved to a little girl nearby. I don’t remember ever seeing these outfits before, but someone posted them online so they’ve been here at some point.
Cowboy Trevor from the Mickey’s Backyard BBQ event was here!
Most carts are decorated in a patriotic way. It’s very different than the Halloween golf cart parade in that the theme is pretty similar throughout (although there were a couple of Muppets entries and a couple of Toy Story themed carts, etc.)
Each holiday brings new costumes for the dogs of Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground! We had missed the dog parade but many of the entrants would have been in this parade as well.
This cart is topped with an inflatable USA ornament.
Another pup is ready for the holiday!
Mickey rides atop this cart.
There were quite a few eagles on top of the carts, I think it is a pool float and you can see two of them here.
Chip and Dale are on top of the River Country barrel that is part of the pool slide at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground – and Mickey and Minnie are on a float below while Donald slides down. There is a lot going on here!
Another one of the festive pups.
Friends of ours decorated this golf cart, a Muppets Great Moments in American History themed entry. They did an amazing job with it!
One if by land, Two if by sea, Three if by monorail.
Gabe and his mom can be seen with Kermit and Miss Piggy.
The Main Street Philharmonic was another surprise. They were here last year as well, and it was nice to see them back!
More carts followed.
Forky is part of this Toy Story 4 cart.
This fun cart had tall flags along with Mickey and Minnie.
I missed the front of the Custodial Team cart, but the back was very festive as well. Various teams at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground participate.
Happy 4th of July from the Custodial Team.

At the end of the 20+ minute parade, a couple of sheriff cars and a firetruck.
And I think there were 6 finalists, I have no idea who won yet! The rain was just starting as the cart finalists were parked.
It was another fun golf cart parade, thank you to the guests at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground for always creating such unique carts!