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Halloween Merchandise First Look at Walt Disney World 2019 (Disney Springs World of Disney)

Hi everyone!

Halloween has arrived to Walt Disney World! Some of the pumpkins were up yesterday at the Magic Kingdom, more will be today – we will head there tomorrow since almost all decorations should be up by then. And then Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party begins Friday! But yesterday after the NBA Experience grand opening event, I headed over to World of Disney to see whether there was any Halloween merchandise. And there is plenty! The section that tends to offer seasonal merchandise was set up for the Halloween season. Here is a look in photos and video!

Some of the merchandise is now available on ShopDisney (affliliate link).

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This is our video and then photos of some of the merchandise and displays. This isn’t the only Disney merchandise for Halloween, but there is quite a bit here.

Happy Halloween 2019! This projection moves like a bat, and is in our video above at the beginning before the merchandise.

Here is where the projection is in relation to the merchandise.

I have prices on some of the items, not all. I believe this mug is $19.99 and features Minnie as a witch.

There are Halloween images behind these mannequins.

The Mickey candy bucket is always fun and this lights up.

There is a candy corn ear headband, and all ear headbands are $27.99.

The characters as they are in the Halloween artwork have names that can be found on this hot chocolate and on a sweatshirt. For example, King Pup is Pluto, The Big Bad Werewolf is Goofy, The Moonlight Mouse is Mickey and Nuts and Bolts are Chip & Dale. The other two are The Huffy Haunt – Donald and Magic Minnie. The hot chocolate is $12.99.

King Pup and Nuts and Bolts (Chip and Dale) are in plush form.

The Moonlight Mouse, along with a Mickey Mouse Fang Club t-shirt.

Closer on the Mickey Mouse Fang Club shirt. $39.99. There is a children’s version for $24.99.

Magic Minnie.

The Huffy Haunt.

The Big Bad Werewolf.

Nuts and Bolts.

Back to merchandise, there are Halloween towels.

A purple and orange Minnie ear band with witch hat on top.

On the band it says, “Let’s get wicked”.

A small Minnie gummi candy corn bucket, $7.99.

Halloween glow-in-the-dark t-shirt with the various characters mentioned above.

The orange color is washed out in this photo, but it is a spirit jersey with glitter.

There are a number of different bags. This Mickey ghost bag is $16.99.

Youth Halloween shirt, $19.99.

Loungfly backpack with a candy corn bow, $90.00.

This Mickey loungefly bag is $80.00.

A wider shot of some of the merchandise. Between our photos and video we are showing just about everything.

Minnie decoration, she holds Figaro. $29.99.

More apparel.

Mickey pumpkin adult hat that lights up, $34.99.

Halloween Countdown Calendar, $39.99.

Mickey and Minnie behind the mannequins.

There is a Hocus Pocus dress for $128.00.

Maleficent ear headband.

Boo to You Mickey ghost pillow for $24.99.

And candy corn popcorn for $6.99.

We will have much more from Halloween at Walt Disney World this week, including decorations (tomorrow) and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party tips (Saturday)!