Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Epcot Fountain Now Partially Walled Up (Plus Fountain View Starbucks, Club Cool)

Hi everyone!

I just posted about the relocated Epcot Character Spot and I wanted to share some photos from today of the walls going up around the fountain and also a little more in Future World.

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The walk from the parking lot is longer than it was, as this work has been going on for a while now.

Walking along the fence outside the park.

The entrance to Epcot also is being worked on as it has been for a couple of months.

Walking alongside the wall where one side of Leave a Legacy had been.

The Pin Station is still here, but there is a very long wall ahead.

Walking toward where the fountain was a couple of days ago (and still is, though not in working form anymore).

The Fountain View Starbucks is in view here. A replacement Starbucks is supposed to open later this fall.

The wall is hard to get in one photo.

Fountain View.

We had gone to the Character Spot and walked out with the Imagination Pavilion in front of us.

The walkway is much wider now, I had not been over here yet.

The opposite side of the fountain today was shrubs.

The Fountain View could be seen in this direction.

Looking up at the fountain stage.

And to the side of the fountain, which has been turned off.

This is where the Club Cool sign was.

And the end of the wall (so far).

As we were heading out, I took a few photos from further back.

Just two days ago, Club Cool and the fountain both were in operation.

The Epcot transformation should be done hopefully in a couple of years or so. I do look forward to most of the changes!