Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Halloween Decoration Photos & Video Before Official Season Starts

Hi everyone!

Most Halloween decorations are up at Disneyland Paris as the Halloween Festival is gearing up to kick off this weekend. The event runs from September 28 to November 3, 2019, which is a little longer than usual. The weather has been dreary and rainy for much of the last few days, so I’m sharing just some of my photos – I am hoping to have sunnier ones before we head back to Florida this weekend. And we will have one day of the Halloween Festival to post in photos and video as well – we extended our trip to be here for the first day (and then a few hours Sunday). This is our fourth Halloween season we’ve been at in Disneyland Paris for since 2014 and I look forward to sharing it!

Here are some photos and also an Omnibus ride video down Main Street.

Yesterday, the floral Mickey was orange for Halloween.

The Town Square gazebo area also now has its full decorations.

We rode the Omnibus both ways on Main Street to photograph decorations (and because it wasn’t busy and it is an enjoyable ride).

Witch hats top lamp posts, with the lights orange and green. The one nice thing about a grey day is that the lights were still on and visible.

The ghosts of Main Street (and Frontierland) are back.

Ghosts in front of Town Square.

Special photo op locations are set up.

This area always offers a Goofy meet and greet during the festival.

Looking down a wet Main Street. The Halloween garland is a favorite of mine.

Looking the other direction from the Omnibus. While the Sleeping Beauty Castle view is gorgeous, so is the Disneyland Hotel view.

Town Square in the rain.

Main Street vehicles now have garland too.

I will have much more in a coming post, including Frontierland. There are so many decorations and then we look forward to meet and greets, the Halloween parade, the new show and more!