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Enchanted Rose “Beauty and the Beast” Inspired Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian – Photo & Video Tour

Hi everyone!

The Enchanted Rose lounge soft opened yesterday at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. Replacing Mizner’s Lounge and Commander Porter’s gift shop, the new “Beauty and the Beast” inspired offering opens officially next week. And while in soft opening mode, there are still kinks being worked out. For example, we have several drinks shown here from our table but we planned for one more – but after a half hour of the drink not arriving, we ended up canceling the order. It was the first day and I’d personally recommend waiting a few days for the lounge to officially open. The Enchanted Rose does take Tables in Wonderland – I’ve not purchased it in years, but others at our table used their card.

Also, I already know some of the comments I will get – and no, it isn’t in keeping with the Victorian theme of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. But it will be a welcome addition for the conventioneers and many vacationers at the resort. The “Beauty and the Beast” theme is extremely subtle here, it’d be easy to miss if not looking for it.

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We were on property when I noticed that Enchanted Rose was open, so we went over in the afternoon, arriving around 3:00pm. It was nice to take photos without too many guests around (and a handful of photos later when the lounge was filled).

Here is our video of the Enchanted Rose and then photos with our food and drinks.

Roses are displayed at the front of the lounge.

The hours of 1:00pm – 12:00am were displayed.

Disney says of the Enchanted Rose, The lounge includes a chandelier inspired by Belle’s flowing ball gown as well as a formal library that will showcase classical baroque designs and French furnishing. A garden room will take its inspiration from the enchanted forest surrounding the castle, and an outdoor patio will evoke the romance of Beast’s garden terrace. I actually got more of an immediate “Finding Nemo” vibe here with the blue and the chandelier reminded me of anemone. 🙂

Here is another view of the bar.

And another look at the chandelier.

The lounge holds quite a few guests, 200 here and there is a different occupancy noted on the patio.

There are two drinks made tableside, although we were told there were not ingredients left after ours yesterday afternoon.

Roses on a light.

Petals on a column.

This is the library and is where we spent most of our time.

There is a rose pattern in the chairs here.

Wines are displayed.

The theme here is candles in a fireplace.

Looking at the mantle.

There is a rose on the mantle.

At first, I thought this was Cogsworth. The arms remind me of him (but he is on the other side).

There are books and props.

The two sides of the room have artwork in a frame.

Couches can be seen on each side.

Lumiere is in a bookcase.

Beast can be seen in the carpet. Right now, we are looking at the most overt Beauty and the Beast theming, most could be overlooked easily.

The seating is actually quite comfortable, at least our seats were.

The other side of the room has artwork with Belle in it.


Mrs. Potts.


A small table.

This is the garden room, it is smaller than the library.

There are some unique light fixtures in the lounge.

Seating in the garden room.

The patio seems about the same as before, but with this seating.

The views are of Disney’s Polynesian Resort and the back of Disney’s Grand Floridian.

Occupancy sign of 47.

Here is a long look at the patio.

I ordered a mojito first. It is $15.00 plus tax and tip (less with a Tables in Wonderland card).

The last time I ordered a mojito was just over a week ago at Disneyland Paris – that one was $6.99 Euros during Happy Hour at King Ludwig’s. This was more expensive, and a little stronger than what I received in Paris. There is a special coaster here as well with a rose on it.

Enchanted Rose isn’t an inexpensive experience. The tableside drinks are $21, but the quality was worth it for us one time. I don’t generally notice Calvados much on menus outside of France, and the Envy includes Busnel Calvados du Pays d’Auge, green chartreus, green apple puree, Angnostura bitters and apple chip.

Chelsea made our drinks.

The other tableside drink is Love. It includes Grey Goose vodka, Pavan Liqueur de France, pear, lemon, Twinings of London, camomile tea, agave and rose petal.

Here are a few photos of Chelsea making our drinks – it was nice to see it done in front of us.

Chelsea holds the Envy drink.

The Love is sweet and the Envy will sit on your tongue a while – it’s pretty sharp. They were both nicely mixed drinks. The sweeter Love is easy to drink quickly.

We also ordered a few items for the table: the Mini Smoked Short-Rib Sliders, the Truffle Fries and the Crab and Gnocchetti Gratin.

The sliders were very tasty, with nicely grilled split-top buns. The quality of the food is excellent and each item was delivered quickly.

I didn’t try this, but the gratin was a decent sized portion – it looked enough for a meal.

The truffle fries portion size was large. We didn’t order it to start with, but did after seeing the dish. The fries were almost steak fry sized, crispy and nicely seasoned. For $14,00, the portion should be what we received.

There is artwork elsewhere on the walls – but not over the top.

And Beast can be seen here.

Looking out the window.

The Enchanted Rose will be a popular addition to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. It was nice to try once, maybe we will go back eventually – but it’s not as much geared towards me as it is convention and vacation guests. The prices are on the high side for Disney. I do like the subtleness of the “Beauty and the Beast” theme, it has an elegant feel to it as does Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort even though the styles don’t really match. Honestly, it would be busy no matter what the theme is, it’s a lounge with drinks – and the drinks were good.