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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Offers Gingerbread Cabin Display and Special Treats for 2019 Holidays (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has its own gingerbread display this year, a Gingerbread Cabin that features Humphrey Bear, Chip and Dale. The display will be available to view until January 4th, 2020 and there are treats for sale! Except for a train display in the 90s, I don’t recall any other holiday displays like this at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. We have photos, video and more information about this new holiday addition below.

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been in the top 3 of my favorite holiday/Christmas resorts since I first visited in the 90s. It isn’t yet decorated as of this writing, but it is a lovely place to spend an evening or a vacation – especially during the holidays. And it is one of the only Deluxe Walt Disney World resorts to not have a gingerbread display until now (Disney’s Polynesian Resort did offer a display one year that I can recall).

Walking into the lobby, the cabin is toward the back (not far from the bridge).

Humphrey the Bear is by the door.

Here is our video that includes the quick welcome and an overview, followed by my photos.

The lights are actually made of chocolate, which surprised me – they look real. I forgot to ask what Humphrey was made of, I just assumed wood.

Pastry Chef Keith Hiner was out this past week adding gingerbread shingles to the cabin. This sign says that the cabin “is nestled beside a murmering creek, and is just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed along with the towering totem poles, stone hearth fireplace, and our majestic seven story Christmas tree”. The house includes 5 hidden Mickeys (added today); 144 pounds of honey; 100 pounds of flour; 40 eggs; 20 pounds of egg whites; 48 pounds of powdered sugar; 150 pounds sugar; 30 pounds almond paste; 20 pounds molding chocolate; and 50 pounds of fondant.

The house isn’t big yet the ingredient list is very impressive. The pastry team started prepping the gingerbread in August.

Here is a close-up on Humphrey and those chocolate lights.

And one of the hidden Mickeys can be seen behind this plant.

It is hard to read, but this says “To Chip, From Humphrey”. I assume the other one is to Dale, but I couldn’t see it.

On the back of the display are Chip and Dale. When I saw them, they reminded me of a gingerbread fireplace years ago – in 2009 – at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. I have a photo of it at the end of the article, showing that display with Chip and Dale. And Chef Keith worked on the Boardwalk display too. He knows a lot of history about the various holiday displays through the years, and I have 12 years of photos consisting of probably most of them.

Chip and Dale are adorable at the campfire!

We were told these logs are made of almond paste.

A Mickey and friends figure that is for sale this year is on this side of the cabin.

Up close on it. I like the vintage style characters.

And on this side is a Mickey wreath.

Chef Keith and manager Amber posed for a photo. They actually created a quick little ceremony when there wasn’t anything official planned. Maybe next year there will be!

He also signed this pin, which is a limited edition Humphrey Bear pin commemorating the Gingerbread Cabin.

Holiday treats are available. We picked up the Gingerbread Pine Tree for $5.49  (we were told this is made from rye flour) and the Chocolate Pine Cone, which is heavy and solid for the $8.99 price. I look forward to trying the Gluwein and hot chocolate in the near future.

The Spiced Moose Cookie is $4.99.

There are a few other treats – it isn’t as extensive as Disney’s Grand Floridian but there are some very nice choices.

The sign says only today for the pin signing, but hopefully the sign will be out again!

And here are those Chip and Dale figures from 2009 at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. It was on the back of the display, just as they are on the cabin.

This is the front of that 2009 display, which inluded Stitch, Daisy and then Donald roasting his bottom over a fire. This was a fantastic holiday resort offering, one of my favorites over the years. I have thousands of pictures of the various holiday displays through the years and this is particularly memorable. I need to do a roundup of photos sometime!

We are working our way through the resorts, we began at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort today and will post the iconic Gingerbread House tomorrow! We will have so much more from Disney holidays around the parks and resorts in the coming 6 weeks.