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Disney’s Beach Club Resort Gingerbread Carousel 2019 Features Peter Pan Theme

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel is celebrating 20 years this year! We have posted about more than half of them at this point, it is fun to see the changes through the years. While the display is always a carousel, elements of it change yearly (our 2018 article is here). For 2019, the theme is Peter Pan and everything – all the horses and additional display pieces – are all designed towards that story. In the past, horses were often named Winter or Snowflake, etc. – holiday and winter themes. But having characters means it is easier to have specialty treats and a character for the pin. I think it’s fun creatively as well. Here is a look at Disney’s Beach Club Carousel in detail!

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There is a sign noting the 20th anniversary of the Gingerbread Carousel. All decorations are edible!

There is another sign showing the carousel through the years.

Ingredients are listed. Disney’s Beach Club Carousel is presented by the Yacht & Beach Club Bakery and Engineering teams. Ingredients are 100 pounds of honey; 200 pounds of bread flour; 100 pounds of eggs; 10 pounds of spices; 10 pounds of simple syrup, 100 pounds of icing; 10 quarts of egg whites; 100 pounds of confectioner’s sugar; 50 pounds of dark chocolate; 50 pounds of modeling chocolate and 2019 pieces of gingerbread! There are 20 hidden Mickeys.

Here is our video of the carousel and then photos!

The first horse I am showing is named Peter Pan, and all the horses are designed like the characters.

He has a Peter Pan name tag.

The Lost Boys are on his saddle.

Peter wears his well-known hat.

There is a hidden Mickey, one of the 20 (I won’t be showing most of them).

Each horse has unique items that pertain to the character on the saddle.

Tinkerbell is next.

Each saddle is unique to that character.

Tinkerbell has the famous bun.

And the shoes with the poms!

This is the top of Tinkerbell’s saddle.

And Tinkerbell’s hair also is part of the tail.

Next up is Wendy.

Wendy has a variety of different items both on top of the saddle and hanging that signify her family.

Wendy’s nametag.

A beautiful Nana figure is below – I assume it is made of chocolate.

There are ornaments and blocks near Nana.

A family portrait can be seen here.

The mane on the horse is like Wendy’s hair.

And the tail is as well.

Next up, Smee.

Smee has glasses.

Here is the name tag.

And the top of the saddle includes a different style of hidden Mickey.

From the side, Smee’s glasses and am anchor.

Other decor is on the saddle.

The “Mother” tattoo that Mr. Smee had.

And even a design on the hooves.

There is an anchor nearby.

Characters are also on the interior of the gingerbread carousel, including Nana and mermaids.

The top of the carousel includes snowflakes, Big Ben and more.

To the side of the carousel is another horse, named and themed to Captain Hook.

There is a skull on the side.

Captain Hook nametag.

Tinker Bell is below.

The map.

His sword and hook.

The front of Captain Hook, with the hair also similar to the character.

And Tick Tock’s clock is on this side.

Another display is a pirate ship.

And from above is always a great vantage point.

There are treats for sale nearby, as well as drinks.

Paint your own cookie.

This beautiful Peter Pan chocolate ornament (I am not sure if it is gingergread too, I need to pick one up).

Gingerbread men.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort mug.

The Premium Hot Cocoa Bar includes classic cocoa and specialty hot cocoa.

Items for the drinks are nearby.

And here is one last look at Disney’s Beach Club Resort Gingerbread Carousel.

We are working our way through the resorts and parks over the next few weeks and will share more this weekend!