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Jaleo Disney Springs Kicks off Holiday Season with Two-Week Sparkling Festival Starting November 29th, 2019

Hi everyone!

Jaleo at Disney Springs will be offering a two-week Sparkling Festival starting on November 29th, 2019 and lasting two weeks. Jaleo says about the event that there are also special tapas including Ostras con caviar and Esferas de cava at every Jaleo, in addition to limited-edition dishes unique to each location, sip wines selected by our master sommelier from our sparkling flights or an expertly crafted cava cocktail. Read below for more information!

Sparkling Flight ($25)

  • Brut Rosé Juve y Camps NV
  • José Cuvée Raventos I Blanc 2015
  • Izar Leku Artadi 2015


Sparkling Cocktail 

  • Castaway Old Cuban


Special on each bottle from the flight

  • Izar Leku Sparkling Txacoli from País Vasco ($85)
  • José Cuvée ($68)
  • Brut Rosé Juve y Camps NV ($52) 



  • Esferas de cava
    Cava sangria spheres $5 each
  • Ostras con caviar
    Fresh Rappahannock oysters topped with Royal Osetra caviar $6 each
  • Verduritas y setas silvestres en escabeche de cava
    Vegetables and wild mushrooms marinated with garlic, herbs and cava vinegar $10

  • Pollo al cava
    Traditional chicken stew with cava sauce $1