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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Golf Cart Parade and Decorations (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground offers several golf cart parades each year – for the Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas. Resort guests dress up their golf carts and proceed through the campground! While Halloween is always the biggest event, the Christmas version is also a tradition for us. We didn’t have nearly as much time as usual to check out Christmas decorations around the campground this year, but I do have some photos from walking around after the parade.

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The Christmas golf cart parade has been held on Christmas Eve for the 10 or so years we’ve been photographing it. The Halloween parade switched to October 30th a number of years ago, so if you plan to ever attend a parade, check for the schedule ahead of time. Here is our video of the parade and then photos of some of the carts and campsite decorations!

There were a couple of chairs below in front of a lot of Mickey inflatables. During Halloween, there were chairs EVERYWHERE and they were out early. The holiday version is much more chill, with a decent crowd but not nearly to the levels of Halloween.

A horse and rider with an American flag led the parade.

There is always at least one character in the parade. For both Halloween and Christmas this year, it was Chip and Dale.

There is also a unique vehicle that looks like a locomotive behind them.

This vehicle also had a lot of bubbles coming from it.

An online Instagram friend and his family were in this vehicle.

Mickey and Minnie at the back of this one.

I am not sure what happened with Santa here. 🙂

Reindeer pull a sleigh.

Olaf is atop this cart.

Rudolph is on top of this one.

There was a band – I don’t know where they are from. During the last two Fourth of July golf cart parades, the Main Street Philharmagic has marched! It was really nice to have a band for Christmas too.

Guests dressed as Reindeer, Santa and an elf run ahead of a cart.

This cart is designed like the Jingle Cruise.

A Nightmare Before Christmas cart features Oogie Boogie and other characters.

This cart is designed like a tiki bar.

Mater is next! And then a cart with BB-8 wearing antlers.

The back of Mater even has the license plate A-113.

We then walked around the campground for a bit. I always love the decorations the campsite guests add for different holidays, including Christmas.

I have seen the Hitchhiking Ghosts many times, and it’s fun to see them in their holiday best.

I don’t remember the huge Mickey inflatables that guests have this year. They are so big!

There is a lot of Star Wars around the campground.

And this castle was here last year, including Cinderella’s carriage.

Here is a look at the front of the castle.

This guest has Elf inflatables.

Woody and Slinky Dog join a Minion and more.

This campsite has so many inflatables including an elf, Pooh and Tigger.

They also have Rudolph and all the other reindeer.

I am hoping to get back before New Year’s Eve (depending on weather) to enjoy the Christmas decorations one more time before the holidays end!