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Temporary Starbucks “Traveler’s Cafe” at Epcot Opens & Includes Nitro Cold Brew – Photos

Hi everyone!

A temporary Starbucks location at Epcot opened less than a week ago, more than three months after the Fountain View location closed. Epcot is in the midst of a massive transformation and it may be a while before there is a more permanent location, but the temporary one is actually better equipped than I expected. And if you have a Starbucks card, you can earn points at this location – as always, rewards cannot be redeemed in Disney parks but they can be at Disney Springs.

Here are some photos from two visits this week (I didn’t get good menu photos the first visit, or I’d have posted already).

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The Starbucks location is called the Traveler’s Cafe, though outside it doesn’t mention that. On the written menu it does. The food menu is smaller than at other Starbucks locations, but more than I would have expected this location to have. There are breakfast sandwiches and a bakery case.

This is the drink menu, it includes pretty much everything you would expect and I was told it was the first park location to have Nitro Cold Brew. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t pay much attention to that but I guess not all Starbucks locations have it yet.

There are two windows. I purchased peppermint hot chocolate and the line moved fast.

The bakery case is smaller than other locations but some guest favorite items are in there including a croissant, a muffin, coffee cake and more.

The Nitro Cold Brew can be seen through here.

And just like any Starbucks, names aren’t always spelled perfectly. But the hot chocolate was good and it is nice to have Starbucks back in the park (Joffrey’s does have several locations as well for coffee/other drinks).

If you are looking for Walt Disney World Starbucks mugs, you can find them in various shops in the parks.

It took a while to get the temporary Starbucks open but I am glad to have it back at Epcot!