Tour of Pirate Island Hotel at LEGOLAND Florida Resort – Opening April 7th, 2020 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel at LEGOLAND Florida, the first LEGO Pirate-themed hotel in North America, is scheduled to open on April 17th, 2020! We were able to tour the hotel yesterday with just a couple of months until opening day – including a finished room. The hotel is attached to the original LEGOLAND Hotel and share a lobby but the themes are completely different and each has its own pool, bar and restaurant. Here is a look from our tour yesterday! All photos were taken by me, and you will see that there is still construction and details being added.

From LEGOLAND Florida: The newest on-site accommodation at LEGOLAND Florida Resort invites brick fans to vacation like a pirate just 130 kid steps from the entrance to the theme park.

There is a large pirate ship out front of the hotel, and there will be more added to it before the hotel opens. To the left is LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel, but in the short distance is the LEGOLAND Hotel – where guests will check in.

Here is a closer look of the ship.

The colors both outside and inside LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel are vibrant. Of the three LEGOLAND Florida hotels, I think I may like this one best for theme.

Walking into the LEGOLAND Hotel, the LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel entrance can be seen.

Here is an animated flyover view of what the hotel will fully look like when done. You will see how much the hotel is looking like it already!

This is the sign above the entrance.

We received media badges that signified which of the two groups we were with for touring.

Our first stop was not the room, but that is what I am showing first because it is the one finished area I can show – and it is where “home” is for the length of stay.

I mentioned that this may be my favorite of the three LEGOLAND hotels now – the colors really pop in the room. The pillows, the headboard, the curtains – everything is vibrant and welcoming. There is no abiguity on what the theme of the room is.

Here is our video and then photos:

Pirate Island Hotel rooms sleep five; a king-size bed and a separate sleeping area for kids complete with a bunk bed, pullout trundle and television. There are 150 rooms with four suites.

There is a treasure chest in the corner, as is in all rooms. With the LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel, there is a LEGO monkey, crab and parrot made with a total 6,600 LEGO bricks.

The sleeping area is like an alcove in the room with bunk beds for kids and a small play area.

Here is a look at the bunk beds.

Kids can play in here. There is also a television.

The bathroom includes the crab on the wall.

There are LEGOLAND products including shampoo and bath gel.

The shower looks like other LEGOLAND hotel room showers.

A toothbrush and toothpaste are in the corner.

And the soap has LEGOLAND wrapping.

Kids can stand on this step to reach the sink.

Back to the main room with bed.

Here are more details around the room.

The pillows and artwork are a really fun addition.

The bedrunner adds to the theme.

View from the opposite side of the room.

There are LEGO pirates on the wall.

This room overlooks the front of the hotel.

The curtain rod looks like an oar.

This television almost gets lost within the room design.

There is a Keurig coffee maker.

There is also a small desk in the corner.

A pirate ship is in the artwork.

A LEGO parrot sits next to the bed.

Here is a look at the carpet.

The elevator will have some sort of effect but I don’t know what it is yet.

I mentioned there is construction happening still – there will be ladders and such in some of the hotel photos below.

There is fun artwork on the walls.

LEGO pirates are still being added.

There will be fun areas for kids, as all the hotels have. LEGOLAND park and hotels are “Built for Kids”.

Shipwreck Restaurant is ahead.

The restaurant will serve a complimentary family-style breakfast with each overnight stay. It also will serve dinner at an additional cost – we tried some of the food items yesterday, and that will be another article.

The interior of Shipwreck Restaurant is still being worked on.

These light sconces in the hotel are a nice touch.

You can book LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel now!

Vacation like a pirate at LEGOLAND Pirate Hotel, opening April 17th, 2020. We will be sharing more of the hotel once open!