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Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Celebrates Mardi Gras 2020 with Annual Pargo Parade (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Each year, we head to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort for the Mardi Gras Pargo Cart Parade on Fat Tuesday. This is our 9th year (you can find all our videos here)! It is always fun to see what the Cast Members come up with for their carts. The theme this year was “Blast From Magic Past”, which included a Mr. Toad cart, a cart themed to The Great Movie Ride, and even an amazing Nautilus sub that was designed by the Engineering team. Here is a look at some highlights plus our full video! We always watch at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, but it starts at Riverside.

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Our video includes two angles of the pargo parade.

There is a new theme each year for Disney’s Port Orleans Pargo Parade. The Blast from Magic Past theme was a lot of fun.

My photos were also from several angles. Cast Members played in a band behind the banner.

The Captain EO cart was up first.

The greeters from Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter sat in the back.

I think there was way more candy and beads passed out this year than ever! It was great for guests but a little harder for photos of the carts – so there are a couple of carts omitted from the article (but will be in the video).

I did end up with a lot of beads and candy without even trying.

The Mr. Toad cart was terrific. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is still at Disneyland but left the Magic Kingdom just over 20 years ago.

There are some fun details on the cart.

Resort lifeguards pose in front of the cart, holding artwork signifying the attraction.

This is a Wishes cart, celebrating the former Magic Kingdom fireworks show.

The Great Movie Ride is celebrated with this sign and the cart.

Both a cowboy and gangster add to the theme. This was one of my favorites! A Cast Member was also dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

On the back of the cart, a tribute to the Wizard of Oz scene.

This cart looked back to Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

There are flags from the various countries.

The Port Orleans Spectacle of Dancing Lights (referring to the Osborne Lights).

A Cast Member passes out candy.

Even the purple cat and a couple of hidden Mickeys are here! And the lights turn on and off.

The Main Street Electrical Parade cart is next.

The cart was decorated in Mardi Gras colors.

The Jolly Trolly from Toontown is up next.

Cast Members wear Fantasyland costumes.

My very favorite is the Nautilus submarine.

Check out the diver and octupus, so fun!

The Engineering Department always goes above and beyond for their cart. This year it didn’t bounce around like in previous years.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea artwork was on the front and back.

The parade was making its way offstage.

And Prince Naveen was back with Princess Tiana this year in a carriage. Sometimes she has been by herself.

It was nice to see both of them again this year!

It was a big news day today so it took me a little longer to post this. Thanks to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort for another wonderful Mardi Gras parade!