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Topiary Dragon Appears in Japan for Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Hi everyone!

For years, one of my favorite topiaries at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival has been the Bromeliad Dragon in China. It went away for 2 or 3 years at one point after a steam effect stopped working, but it came back slightly modified. This year, it has transformed further into a dragon in Japan without the bromeliads (I was told that sedum is the plant used now) and it received a new face and some other features. There have already been some fun surprises for the Epcot International Garden and Festival and I can’t wait to see the remaining topiaries as they are placed over the coming days for the March 4th, 2020 kickoff. Here is a look at photos of this new addition to Japan!

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This is a closer look on the body of the dragon.

When it was in China, it looked similar but also very different. The frame of both is the same.


Here is my video of the dragon.

There are now talons on the feet and scales on the back.

The tail also is a little different.

The best side to get the face is on the right.

The body isn’t as visible but the face is in this direction.

This dragon is much more visible to guests than the China dragon was – the Bromeliad Dragon was set back a bit in the China pavilion and the Japan dragon is at the Torii Gate with Spaceship Earth in view.

The dragon’s face up close from the left.

I will miss the Bromeliad Dragon in China but this is a fun new topiary addition for Japan.

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